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28 Amazing Stories Of People Find Things They Thought That Certainly Gone Forever

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28 Amazing Stories Of People Find Things They Thought That Certainly Gone Forever

Never lose hope that your missing belonging could turn up!

Nobody likes losing their belongings and in fact, losing something very important can be upsetting and undeniably frustrating. For some individuals who are, however, fortunate, stumbling on lost things later in life at an unforeseen time is usually a happy moment.

You can imagine what it’s like to recheck pockets, closets, and even drawers, hoping and wishing that what is lost to magically reappear. While the aforementioned is undoubtedly slim, you can see from this intriguing list that things thought were once lost, were later found.

#1 Woman Lost Her Wedding Band In 1995. Found It 16 Years Later While Picking Carrots

#1.1 An old 8 ball found deep in a forest


#2 Brother Couldn’t Find His Keys & Got Late For Work. His 2-Year-Old Son Appeared To Have Borrowed Them


#3 Doorknob Stolen At A Party Organized Last Weekend Returned With This Note

#4 Grandpa Hung This Skates On A Small Tree When He Was Younger. He Found Them Years Later


#5 Opened My Piano & Found My Childhood Living Inside


#6 Lost This Ring Years Ago. Found It When Replacing My Monitor


#7 Found This Stuff After Years Of Finding. Obviously, It Fits Like A Glove


#8 My Lost Wallet At Reading 2003 Was Returned


#9 My Old Stegosaurus Coffee Mug Went Missing. Mom Found It Later And Surprised Me With An Eggnog Served Inside


#10 Found My Favorite Tie At The Library Where Wife Works


#11 Found My Long Lost Ipod Under The Kitchen Table After 1 And ½ Years Of Searching


#12 Ticket Purchased In 1986 To SEE Prince Live In Copenhagen Was Found 29 Years later


#13 Woman Lost Diamond Ring Found In Her Vegetable Patch 13 Years After Misplacing It


#14 Dad, A Fisherman At Lake Attersee, Austria Fished Up His Old Lost Wallet After 20 Years


#15 This Book A Professor Bought On Amazon Is The Same One She Lost 5 Years Ago


#16 Lost My Hubcap When I Relocated Across The Country. Found This Note On My Car


#17 My Dog Who Passed Away 2Years Ago Hid His Toy Before Leaving. Finally, It’s Found But Has Turned Into A Beautiful Memorial. Tears Were Shed


#18 Lost iPhone Found Frozen In The Driveway. It Still Works Though


#19 We Lost The 6th Series, But Fortunately It Was Found After 2Months


#20 We Ripped The Carpet & Found Lost Change Of 18 Years


#21 Dad’s Reading Glasses Found Two Years Later


#22 82-Year-Old Man Found His Lost Wedding Band In A Carrot From His Garden


#23 Got Dad A Metal Detector For Xmas. The First Thing He Found Was His Old Pipe I Made In High School. He’s Excited Despite Having No Idea Of What It Is


#24 Golf Ball Lost Years Back Is Found In Tree Trunk

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#25 Woman Found My Friend Lost Wedding Ring In The Atlantic Ocean Using Her Metal Detector


#26 Kind Stranger Found My Wallet Lost In The Ocean 24 Years Ago


#27 My Ex Lost Her Luggage At The Cottage. Found Floating Down The River By My Mom


#28 Found My Wallet From 4th Grade With Over 300 Dollars


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