27 Times Owners Caught Their Naughty Pets Red-Handed

27 Hilarious Times Owners Caught Their Naughty Pets Red-Handed

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Pets are really cute and always seem to surprise us at all times. We adore them so much, even though cats just love that cardboard box more than the new bed it came in. Dogs also seem to know when to play the guilty face because they know we’ll forgive them that way.

We have compiled these pictures of when pets are caught red-handed doing naughty kinds of stuff when owners aren’t looking!

1. These cats just couldn’t resist it.

crazydarklord / reddit

2. Oh, hey! I’ve made a new hole so I can greet you before you open the door!

robbiekhan / reddit

3. And this pup decided to enjoy himself while owner was gone.

hercules25 / reddit

4. These two cats were definitely just playing… right?

werekdu / reddit

5. Dog caught red-handed on his pickpocket crime.

© Schumi_jr05 / reddit

6. Cat and dog duo definitely have been up to something.

Pippi111 / reddit

7. This dog looking like he knew he’d regret this, but did it anyway.

© BriannD555 / Twitter

8. This cat has seized the sausages.

gaspodethewonderdog / Imgur

9. If I close my eyes, nothing will happen. Nobody will know it’s me.

© snorlax22snorr / reddit

10. And this dog who definitely looked guilty (with a half-annoyed cat).

© dipietsbaby / reddit

11. This cat is partyin’.

© Vandelay797 / reddit

12. He looks guilty as he stays in and drown in the warmth.

© georgetakei / Tumblr

13. He knew he wasn’t supposed to be on the couch. He knew.

© kapiandkylo / Tumblr

14. ‘Yeah… I can explain this.’

© jacobkmiller7 / reddit

15. Just a cat getting some water by herself.

© jennastoya / Twitter

16. And this pupper trying out her new pair of lipsticks.

© deleted / Imgur

17. Dog definitely have planned this for a long time.

© hthi1801 / Imgur

18. Cat definitely argued he was only kneading.

© koreanegg / Imgur

19. Imagine walking into your dog looking like this.

© synthetic-princess / Tumblr

20. Yes, they have definitely did something horrible.

© operationnos / reddit

21. Horse, without guilt, convinces that he wears the jeans better than owner.

© deleted / reddit

22. Dog thought he made a great job at making feather blankets.

© Helloamby / reddit

23. Dog finally reveals his true hobby.

© EleeJhon1 / Imgur

24. These two cats that definitely said ‘Hush, nothing to see here.’

© rezoe / reddit

25. This dog was definitely not aiming for the meat.

© TheNinjaJedi / reddit

26. The moment of realization that this cat had is hilarious.

© chiconyesc / Imgur

27. She played the ‘pretty girl done nothing wrong’ card.

© deleted / Imgur