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26 Families Whose Sense Of Humor Will Keep You Entertained In Quarantine


26 Families Whose Sense Of Humor Will Keep You Entertained In Quarantine

They are holding up with their sense of humor.

Quarantine bores everyone out – you, me, even if we have a dog, cat, or even games. We just really want to get out and enjoy the sunlight, the fresh air, the view. But these families are holding up somehow, keeping themselves sane with the hilarious dynamics.

One of the most important ingredient to staying calm and happy during such a dire situation is a sense of humor. So here are 26 of the funniest families who will definitely walk out of this situation sane and happy.

1. Somebody in my family is a comedian.


2. He knew.

Dustin Dvorak

3. Maggie got her growth removed, so dad found his chance.

sarah berg

4. These parents at texting.

Brendan Gatward

5. Dad has not stopped placing this randomly to scare the kid, me.


6. Meanwhile, this father seems to speak from experience.

Troy Johnson

7. Even though, the coach was late, too.


8. Because it took her a long time to come out…


9. This family decided to go with Canadian Quarantine-life Gothic-style.


10. And their cat is now plotting to escape the insanity.


11. Archie the son had doubts.


12. Met dad on weekend and found his smartphone has been marked for convenience.


13. Aww, mom, than-


14. These boys were at a dodger game and sent their selfies to their moms.

15. My 11 yo and I play games in the front yard nowadays. Every day he does something different to spice it up. This was today’s choice.

16. That’s true love, guys.


17. So, he had doubts about the baby girl being his.


18. Mom gave it a go.

some sort of geek freak

19. A guy had succeeded in convincing his nephews that’s how clouds came to be.


20. Asked mom for a cool bookmark. She delivered.


21. Dalton finally could make his dad proud of him.


22. Bored at home and had 2 stuffed tigers. So we now have a mini Joe Exotic.

23. Imagine to be born as your dad’s best joke.


24. Your mom will always take your side no matter what.


25. No words are needed between us.


26. Annual family photo.


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