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25 Times Instagrammers Showed Off Their ‘Real’ Bodies And The Internet Admired Their ‘Honesty’


25 Times Instagrammers Showed Off Their ‘Real’ Bodies And The Internet Admired Their ‘Honesty’

Stop living up to every beauty standard.

Instagram is known for perfect photos and videos, but then, it wouldn’t hurt to be reminded that not everything that’s seen on the platform is actually REAL. The sad reality is that overly edited photos have become so normal it’s now rare to see someone showing off their natural, unedited bodies on social media. Angles, lighting, filters, and a little Photoshop, among others, are now the trending recipes of a perfect Instagram pic, which of course, have a damaging effect on body image. 

But thankfully, the mentioned above hasn’t prevented a few Influencers from flaunting all of their imperfections. Diving into the r/Instagramreality Subreddit, we’ve collated some samples of people, particularly women who have embraced and love their bodies with all their imperfections, while also showing how an Instagram influencer can look like a blob if the angle’s slightly wrong. This article remains a wake-up call for people who over Photoshop their pics just to meet society’s beauty standards. Have a look, enjoy.

The Power Of Make-Up.

1 33

I Love Love Love When Celebrities Post Unaltered Photos!

2 29

Was Shopping For Bras The Other Day, When I Stumbled Upon This Fresh Air Of An Image.

3 23

Sanity Sunday: Celebrating Cellulite – Mad Respect For This Fitness Influencer.

4 20

No Airbrushed Skin, No Photoshopped Nose, And No Bleached Teeth! Natural Is Normal.

5 12

She’s My Favorite! So Gorgeous And Honest As Hell About Everything From Body Image To Bad Skin To Health Issues.

6 8

Shoutout To Target For Not Overly Editing Their Model. If It’s A Marketing Strategy: It’s Working.

7 5

A Scandinavian Online Store Has Found A True Natural Beauty To Model For Them.

8 7

One Of My Favorite Comedians Posted This On Instagram, And It Really Meant A Lot To Me. Skin Has Texture!!!

9 4

I Primarily Follow Runners On Insta. I Thought You All Would Appreciate Her Photos.

10 5

I Appreciate That This Makeup Brand Doesn’t Pretend Like Their Foundation Magically Makes You Airbrushed.

11 2

Love This Honesty!!!

12 2

Sanity Sunday: Mango – Refreshing To See Older Models With No Photoshop.

13 2

Sanity Sunday: Stunning Both Ways And So Refreshing To See.

14 2
25 Times Instagrammers Showed Off Their 'Real' Bodies And The Internet Admired Their 'Honesty' 34

A Great Thing To Keep In Mind.

15 2

My Friend Is Absolutely Stunning And Does Professional Modelling, But She Does Post Unflattering Photos To Prove That You Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Be Beautiful And To Show That Everybody Has Flaws, Even If You Can’t Usually Tell!

16 2

Unposed Vs. Posed. A 3 Second Transformation.

17 2

My Favourite Fitness Influencer. Yes, You Can Get To 150k+ Without Excessive Use Of The Blur Tool.

18 2

Instagram Model Keeping It Real.

19 1

She Keeps It 100% Real, And I Love It.

20 1

She Posts Both Traditionally “Flattering” And “Unflattering” Pictures To Show People That Everyone Has Both Moments (She Also Shows Her Pores *Gasp*).

21 1

What I Love About The Royals On Instagram Is The Fact That They Don’t Edit Their Pictures. It’s A Breath Of Fresh Air To See Face Wrinkles And Skin Texture; This Is What Real Faces Look Like.

22 1

Caption ‘For All The People Who Get Insecure From Instagram.’

23 1

With Most People In The Beauty Influencer Industry Posting Images Photoshopped To Hell, Seeing An Artist Stop Editing Her Skin And Body Makes Me SO Happy.

24 1

Natural Skin Texture.

25 1
25 Times Instagrammers Showed Off Their 'Real' Bodies And The Internet Admired Their 'Honesty' 35

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