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25 Surprising Finds People Don’t Know Their Purpose Of, But The Internet Knows


25 Surprising Finds People Don’t Know Their Purpose Of, But The Internet Knows

Oh, so that’s what it was for.

People can never stop learning and today, we have decided to show you some interesting tools and washed up objects that you might have thought to be absolutely weird. Its purpose unknown and can sometimes bring about misunderstandings when it happens to be ‘hiding’ in the attic of your house or in the thrift store.

Yes, it actually happened to some of these new generations that just don’t understand the life of the past. Green Lemon may be able to help you dismiss those misunderstandings and impress your date with simple knowledge from here.

Metal object can expands to the size of a bracelet. It’s top or closure of a vintage purse or small handbag.


Metal lump that shines brightly. Weight: 264 grams and M 12 etched on the side. Possibly, possible it is the end of a failed boule that broke before it was complete.


An antique book with old Russian text. It’s a Church Prayer Book Kondak and it’s the first standard page of any religious Russian (Church Slavonic) book.


Found in an old shed, seems like a UOX. It’s a DM35 120mm Smoke Mortar that was made for the German Bundeswehr M113 Panzerm√∂rser.


Opened a watermelon that looks like this on the inside. The fruit appears to have messed up due to stress like drought and while edible, it probably tastes really bad.


On the beach of Olympic Peninsula, this thing that washed over is actually squid eggs.


You’ll be surprised that this is not to brush your shoes. This is to prevent things from getting caught on the small gap at the side.


This is a clip-on shoe light for night runners to avoid being run over.


In Japanese brewery, this is a pachinko, a sort of an old slot machine with pinball mechanisms.


The big holes you find in milk cartoons are actually safety measure that prevent the cartoon from bursting when dropped. This cap will pop out from the measure instead.


This is a one-man bomb shelter from WWII in the middle of a forest.


This guys is carrying a violin case.


This weird ‘urinal’ in a brahaus bathroom in Cologne, Germany is actually for vomiting.


Found in the woods. These are wads from shotgun shells that separate the powder and projectiles.


A dog comes to daycare with this which is actually a key that opens the dog door when it comes.


This clock in an assisted living facility and people can help rotate sleeping patients according to the direction to avoid bedsores.


Some houses has this ‘rain chain’ which is an alternative of a downspout for the gutter system.


This tool is a pair of nips for cutting sugar when they were still sold in large cones.


This stair has circular metals installed along it to prevent skateboard grinding on the edges.


Ford Ranger 1998, ATT and similar fleets use this to store keys which have groups of vehicles keyed alike. Employees have the keys to unlock and the key to the truck.


And this small ‘kettle’ is actually a portable men’s urinal when they’re bedbound.


This fancy metal tube is an antique needle case.


At the bottom of an old chest, this is an antique sock knitting machine made of copper and brass.


These wall-less buildings in filed are nesting barns for swallows.


First thing off: this is nothing indecent. Found in dad’s room and it appears to be a Yakstrax, something that goes over shoes to give them grip while walking on ice.


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