25 Secondhand Treasures People Got For Practically Nothing

25 Secondhand Treasures People Got For Practically Nothing

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It’s one thing to find your dream skirt, it’s another to be able to get it at an affordable price of $7. Thrifting is one of the most exciting activities people enjoy doing because one man’s trash is always another man’s treasure when you step into the shop.

From Goodwill to a local small antique shop, people share their incredible findings that surprised them at the super cheap price they got them for!

Bought this clock at a Thrift store in Wonder Lake, Illinois. It is very heavy metal about the size of an album.

Jennifer Martinek

Look at my awesome alley find! Magritte’s ‘The Lovers’ printed on canvas.

Jodi Resch

Crazy jacket my boyfriend found!

Wesli Phillips

I am beyond excited I scored this awesome cat lamp!

Lisa English

Had the elephant since a kid and found the complete 13 vintage Care Bears for just $10!

Melissa Hamilton

Snake X-ray plates.

George McCarthy

A brooch that looks like my tattoo.

Rebecca Matzen

Got a waffle maker for $15 and didn’t know it costs $500 on Amazon.


A full Christian Dior suit set.


They’re $1 each.

Linda Arfuso Golikidis

An Egyptian tapestry that I bought for $.5. It has a tag that reads $450.


The most perfect shower curtain ever.

Dana Bobana

Worth so much more than the $7 I paid.


This thing is only $1!

Jennifer Cox Diedrich

Renaissance style vintage dress for only $12.

Sharon Ipes

Can’t believe I could get this before anyone else.

Courtney Bergman

I knew this lamp belongs to me when I set my eyes on it.

Jodi Corey

Found an ‘original’ da Vinci painting!

Tayla Glason

The perfect retro outfit for just $3.5.


Got the perfect little bow for my cat.

Christina Tolisano

Got this for only $6.


Lovely dinosaur teapots that cost almost nothing!

Lucy Gardner

Bought a lamp and did not expect this kind of awesome appearance!

Hannah Marie

My dream skirt cost me only $7.


A miniature book library. The coolest thing ever.

Alice Milson