25 Secondhand Finds That People Are Over The Moon For

25 Secondhand Finds That People Are Over The Moon For

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People sell and throw away things that look perfectly fine for their own reasons. There are people who always have a space to appreciate secondhand finds that are in perfect condition. In fact, some of these finds are in literal perfection because they have never been used before.

Thrifting and eyeing yard sales can be really surprising with all the amazing stuff you can find priced at practically nothing!

Thrifted this pink velvet bench never used for $175 and I am over the moon!


$30 for the dresser, $15 for paint and $25 for legs and handles.


Couldn’t believe my luck at finding this “in great condition” bamboo shelf by someone’s trashcan.


Got this Navajo rug for $1.49 at Goodwill. Leita Bedonie’s other work are valued at minimum $2,500.


Drove home in a snowstorm with this hanging out of my trunk but it was $10.


I love this lamp so much and it comes with full-range dimmer knob for $12.

Taylor Serdy

I thrifted a dresser and turned it into a vanity sink with a thrifted mirror.


The table base and chair are secondhand, although the tabletop is from IKEA.


Got this for $300 from FB marketplace.


Found the perfect balcony chair!


This beautiful Bohemian love seat from marketplace.


Got this for free off FB marketplace.


I’ve seen this a few times at a lady’s yard sale and finally got it for $2.

Amy Holliday

This really sassy grandfather clock.

Jessie Bultman

Couldn’t pass on this rad $200 couch from Craiglist!


My apartment is completely furnished off things from FB marketplace and thrift stores.


Found my dream shelf for just $20 at the thrift store.


We made a mouse hole when renovating the house and the light inside is motion activated.


This walnut dresser in my daughter’s room is only $9.


This unusual lightbulb is a bonus to my $5 lamp.

Sarah Olga Thomas

Friend’s haul from Community Thrift is a a porcelain pineapple lamp with heat-cracked marbles.

Alison Cagle

A gorgeous glass with intricate design.


Got an old school lighted globes with old-world ambiance for $20.


Got this shelf for free as it was left in an alley!


Anastasia music box from the flea market for $5.