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25 Normal People Who Insanely Look Like Celebs (New Pics)


25 Normal People Who Insanely Look Like Celebs (New Pics)

Would you recognize them?

There are people who love to copy their favorite celebrity from styles to makeup. Some even go extreme by going under the knife to change their features. But there are also people who are naturally born so similar to them, you’d think they are either doppelgangers or siblings.

These people have been often told they look so much like a celebrity that they gave a try in being them. United under an Instagram page ‘Same de la Same’, here are 25 best ‘lookalike vs. original’ of the account

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Ed Sheeran.

Mariah Carey.

Ali G.

Neil Patrick Harris.

Bruce Willis.


Maisie Williams.

Kit Harington.


Keanu Reeves.

Britney Spears.

Colin Farrell.

Emma Watson.

Lady Gaga.

Van Gogh.

Angelina Jolie.

Shawn Mendes.


Daniel Craig.

Bella Hadid.

Vin Diesel.

Margot Robbie.

Uma Thurman.

George Michael.

Céline Dion.

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