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25 Funny Memes That Accurately Sums Up The Weddings


25 Funny Memes That Accurately Sums Up The Weddings

Why do people even get married?

The preparations can stress you out, even though it feels so worth it when you see yourself in a wedding dress. The parents can be even worse. But that doesn’t amount to the amount of tension you get when you see kids running around your precious wedding cake on your wedding day. Nothing like being on edge on the day you want to feel special and spread the love and happiness.

Moms need to stop becoming the decision-maker and uncles should NEVER give a surprise performance without approvals. If only they actually read articles like this or actually listen, right?

When people ask me what kind of wedding cake I want:


All eyes on me.


Best way to get all the guests, young and old, relaxed.


Not letting anyone tell me otherwise.


Are you okay? Because we need more dust.

Renee Mulcahey

Every wedding needs this.

Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique

He’s important in this party as well.

He wasn’t about to let future descendants notice it.


Best part of getting married is you have a permanent partner in crime.

Feast your eyes!

That one person who has a million reasons of not getting ready.


Perfect way to get your guests to really dress up.


Wearing this daily to work.

Real keeper.

Sorry, you said small children? I don’t understand.


Basically every bride with DIY ideas.

Are you sure you’re still friends?


You think wearing white is bad.


While taking wedding pics vs. after the reception.


Not just the girls.

Who doesn’t love photobombs?

The best photographer ever.

The DIY starter pack.

Marriage is all about compromise, like this double-faced cake.


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