Weird things people found and asked the Internet about.

25 Curious Things That People Asked The Internet About

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It’s pretty safe to say that each one of us has seen a contraption, fossil or remains so weird our mind just wander to either aliens or inappropriate thoughts. We also remember the relief when our curiosity was satiated with explanations on the items.

Well, Greenlemon also had weird thoughts when we saw these things, but people on subreddit r/whatisthisthing have given a lot of answers on the most curious things people found.

1. Gulf Coast. These teeth are called ‘pharyngeal teeth’ that can be found in some fish. These bones support the gill structure.

Reddit | PeyoteJones

2. Mail envelope has a stripe that glows in the dark… not. That’s just glue.

Reddit | SalvadorTMZ

3. IBM box at the university has a key. This key is actually for watch clock back in the days before we had CCTVs and advanced tracking systems.

Reddit | KerberosMorphy

4. He found a pack of light yellow liquid in his basement. This looks like a scented oil packet from Bath and Body Works.

Reddit | ahadtheking

5. This ceramic is a ‘stay insulator’ which is for cables that anchor power poles to the ground. This insulator prevents the stay cables from getting electrified since it’s ceramic.

Reddit | 11rick58

6. Found these at uni and they look like they are related to electricity. Yes, they are isolators that prevent wires from charging the poles and made of ceramic or silicone.

Reddit | soszna

7. This garlic press is showing something white shedding from it. It is likely the zinc leftover from the garlic.

Reddit | TheRealTP2016

8. The city had just voted to remove red lights, but not sure if this blue light is related? Well, they actually are and meant for law enforcement to see if a certain traffic light is red or not.

Reddit | captainechinoid

9. Something under the rug, porous and spongy… Guess what, it’s the anti-slip liner.

Reddit | oblivious_norwhale

10. This is a safety window hammer, but not sure what this retractable needle is for. This is actually for deflating airbags.

Reddit | Imlife_havealemon

11. Found this washed on the shore of SC beach. This is the casing of whelk eggs, a large predatory sea snail.

Reddit | thepeachadventures

12. No, cameras are VERY rarely installed in public toilets. This is just a light motion sensor.

Reddit | BarbedWire3

13. Looks like a camera has been added to neighbor’s window that faces my apartment. Well, it’s actually a portable work light.

Reddit | spockpinch

14. In a box of pens is this weird thing that slides in and out. This is actually a stylus for a Palm Tungsten T.

Reddit | skullboy56289p01

15. These ‘powder’ keeps dropping from the roof because termites poop.

Reddit | STK761

16. North Korea map has these green lines but they’re nothing serious. Simply routes that are made for non-automobile, such as bikes and pedestrian routes.

Reddit | SheriidiiaN

17. Is fungi growing on this edamame?! No, the original poster simply forgot he bought salted ones.

Reddit | Sterbin

18. This was installed in the air vent. It is actually an old Brinks security system, but it’s no longer active.

Reddit |  sunsfan222

18. Made of light but sturdy plastic and was in a large storage bay close to the cleaning storage. These are actually dirt traps for large buckets. The dirt will settle in the traps, so you’ll always get clean water.

Reddit | Golden_Funk

20. The new house has a panel in one of the bedrooms. This is one of the oldest ‘smart home’ system from the 50s by GE. Basically master panel that allows you to control lights around your home through low voltage switching.

Reddit | zach26505

21. Found this strange thing in my Tostitos. No worries, it’s probably dough that got over-cooked.

Reddit | Donald_Drumpff

22. These things seem organic and got washed off the beach of Greece. This is sodium Bursa, a type of green algae that rarely gets washed up to the beach.

Reddit | toonwa

23. Questionable tube of Vaseline or some sort of scented petroleum jelly. This is actually a Scrubbing Bubbles Gel Wand that is used to clean the inside of a toilet bowl.

Reddit | ValkyrieM27

24. There is an orange substance invading the clear stream. That appears to be an iron oxide that is leeching out from the very rusty pipe.

Reddit | JT-TJ

25. What is this terrifying contraption in an old house? Turns out to be a very old hairdryer in a salon…

Reddit | tactical_bacon_light