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24 People Who Quit Their Jobs In A Savage Way


24 People Who Quit Their Jobs In A Savage Way

It’s that time of the year.

2021 is winding down quickly, and a few people are on for bigger and brighter adventures in 2022 by starting afresh at a new job. While also looking forward to learning some new skills, most people still have a slight issue with leaving their current workplace. Most gladly goes with the bang of tendering their resignation before prior notice, while some people prefer going over the board. 

To highlight the latter, we’ve compiled below an exciting list of people who left their employers in grand style. From naming one of the urinals after themselves, publicly placing a hilarious sign, to making a meme, these are undoubtedly the most creative resignation letters you will ever see or perhaps come across. Without holding back, take a thorough look at each photo, and indeed, most will make you laugh out loud. 

Resigning From A Sh**ty Job With Style.

1 1

Just Went In And Quit, But Not Without Super Gluing A Few Of These To Walls By The Time Clocks.

2 11

I Quit Today.

3 9

Today I Decided To Bet On Myself And Quit My Job To Work Full Time On My Small Candle Business. I’m Super Nervous, But So Excited To Finally Do What I Feel Is Best For Me.

4 7

A Funny Quit Notice.

5 8

I Did A Thing Today.

6 5

Handing In This Resignation Letter Today.

7 5

Mass Exodus – The Owners Of This Store Were Left Scratching Their Heads After Their Entire Team Decided To Quit. Hopefully, They’ve Learned Their Lesson!

8 3

My Boss Volunteered Me For A Golf Event That I Hated Every Second Of, So I Gave Her A Golf Themed Resignation Letter.

9 2

Quit Your Job Like A Boss.

10 5

I Quit My Job Today But Left Them Something To Remember Me By. Inspired By Another Redditor’s Post From A Few Months Ago.

11 6

I Helped A Work Mate With His Resignation Letter. Not Sure Why He Didn’t Use It?

12 5

My Boss’s Secretary Quit This Morning After Delivering Breakfast.

13 5

Onto Bigger And Better Things. The Note Read: “This Is A Picture Of T-Rex, My Favorite Dinosaur. It’s Also My Two Weeks’ Notice.”

14 1

My Friend Quit His Job Yesterday.

15 1

The Best Way To Quit Your Job.

16 2

After Successfully Opening His Own Business, My Best Friend Quit His Corporate Job After 18 Years And Left This For Them To Remember Him By.


My Favorite Way I’ve Quit A Job (Copywriter).

18 2

This Is Not The End. It’s Only The “&”… Thank You Very Much.

19 2

Throwback 2018- When I Quit My Job Of 8 Years By Leaving This On My Boss’s Desk.

20 2

I Also Quit My Job.

21 1

Quit My Job Where The Owners Use And Abuse Me, My Hard Work, And My Kindness. I Had To Beg Them For A $1 Raise After 1.5 Years. My Second Job Offered Me A $3 Raise After Two Weeks Because They Were So Impressed With My Performance. 

22 2

I Think Lena Quit Her Job Today.

23 1

Quitting My Job Today. Leaving This As My Out Of Office Message.


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