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24 Hilariously Dumb Things People Really Did Say Ever


24 Hilariously Dumb Things People Really Did Say Ever

Make sure to delete them before your employer makes a decision based on these.

It’s not rocket science to differentiate giraffes from elephants. But apparently, the school needs to reopen before we let these adults roam the wild and procreating. We can’t have kids with parents that teach them wrong things. They can even be dangerous to society, up to a certain point at least.

The internet is a real black hole. Some people really say they tried drying the plates in the dryer and used the term 24/7 for a 5-day work. It’s one painful thing after the other as you scroll through this list. But perhaps, we also want to feel better to know that there are people out there living their whole life learning the wrong thing.

#1 On cooking:

1 13

#2 On spelling:

2 14
Twitter: @thomasj_

Additionally, some make stupid but honest mistakes that end up in here. Not equally as stupid as those who believe giraffes are elephants and photographers are paragraphs, but still hilarious enough. You made mistakes, but at least you know there are those out there who think America is 2020 years old because… it’s 2020.

The pandemic has really shown us a lot of things, huh.

#3 On the beauty of nature:

3 12
Twitter: @alawiabdul

#4 On washing dishes:

4 11

#5 On computers:


#6 On sales:

6 7

#7 On cleanliness:

7 6

#8 On majors:

8 5

#9 On tools:

9 3

#10 On art:

10 2

#11 On weapons:

11 1

#12 On work:

12 1

#13 On pregnancy:

13 1

#14 On the dinosaurs:

14 1

#15 On liquids:

15 1

#16 On haircuts:

16 1

#17 On the future:

17 1

#18 On books:


#19 On America:


#20 On birds:


#21 On math:


#22 On television:


#23 On time:

Twitter: @michael700394272

#24 On boards:


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