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23 Super Interesting Things That Should Have Existed In The Far Future


23 Super Interesting Things That Should Have Existed In The Far Future

Will be awhile ’till we can freely go out.

Are we living the future? Well, for ‘Back To The Future’ we have gone past beyond the future. People think we’re going to have flying cars, but now all we are is stuck at home either playing Animal Crossing or binge-watching ‘The Office’ or ‘Friends’ for the hundredth time.

One other thing you can do is go through the interesting list of invention people have made so far. From revolving bench to creative ways of picking up litter while hiking, Green Lemon loves the simple, but truly functional inventions on this list.

1. This airport bathroom has lights to show you which stalls are free.


2. These public benches are reversible, so you can choose to look at people, or boats.


3. My Uber driver offered a conversation “menu” for his ride.


4. This elevator at my university has feet buttons.


5. Mango with label stamped into it instead of having a sticker.


6. A local cafe uses some ice cubes made of frozen coffee so my iced coffee wouldn’t get as watered down.


7. This furniture hardware is sorted by step rather than by type.


8. Nail polish bottle has a swatch of the colour attached to the bottle so you can see how the colour looks on you.


9. My tour guide’s tool for picking up littered bottles along the trail.


10. My work continues the paint lines up the wall to help people park.


11. Emergency alarm chords running along the floor of the disabled toilet in Berlin Airport in case someone falls over and requires assistance.


12. My carwash lets people shoot passing cars with a suds gun.


13. My lunch at work has letters denoting what type of empanada each is.


14. Scented and unscented soap in a nice restaurants bathroom.


15. Our refrigerator has revolving levels so you can reach everything easily.


16. Chairs at my new job have rollerblade wheels so we can roll quietly.


17. This library has a directory for topics people might be embarrassed to ask for.


18. This door in my hotel bathroom can close off either of 2 doorways.


19. New credit card 3 digit (CVV) changes every 4 hours.


20. The hotel I am staying at has the fire evacuation plans at ground level so you can see them if smoke has filled the hallways.


21. This baby store has different surfaces to “road test” the strollers.


22. This shirt has a piece of lens cloth sewn on the inside for your glasses.


23. My roommate’s spatula has a stand so the bit that touches your food doesn’t touch the counter.


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