23 Married Couples Who Are Driving Each Other Crazy During Quarantine

23 Married Couples Who Are Driving Each Other Crazy During Quarantine

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This whole quarantine thing is bringing out different sides from people to those they never show them to. Like your working wife who likes to use her catchphrase and professional tone on phone and then goes back to her normal mode, the one you fell in love with. Or how that you’re now both together longer than ever, you never imagined it’d still be boring despite being with the one you love.

Well, you still love them, so all that you’ve got to keep it all going is your sense of humor. It’s about laughing in the small things, poking fun at each other and basically making sure you will come out of this quarantine still in love with each other.

1. Fun quarantine game.

2. Help your wife, bro.

3. So, wife went for grocery shopping and husband tried to social distance.


4. Quarantine madness.

5. All the craziness at home.

6. Baby showers for the baby birds.

7. Daily activity: lets life fall apart.

8. Hypothetical divorce?

9. The quarantine mind.

10. As long as it annoys you, beloved wife.

11. Miss the day when both won’t see each other for too long.

12. By far, the hardest job ever.

13. Tomorrow.

14. Several things we try not to impose on our spouse.

15. This has been my whole life, what are you talking about.

16. Let’s get even more depressed and see how rock bottom can we go.

17. Keeping it spicy but right below the divorce line.

18. His dream was accurate.

19. Thinking out loud.

20. After 2 minutes for the 32th time this day.

21. Can’t wait to go out.

22. Stop being you.

23. We’ll here his speech at the porch of his house once this ends.