22 Thrift Hauls That Are Worth Way More Than Their Price Tag

22 Thrift Hauls That Are Worth Way More Than Their Price Tag

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Thrifting is such an exciting activity for people who have a thing with antiquities and history. In fact, being secondhand with the possibility of a hidden story behind them is the main charm of these kinds of furniture and utensils. Plus, many of these 50s and 80s retro-style stuff aren’t sold in these days anymore.

The subreddit ‘Thrift Store Hauls’ is where a lot of people share their great find of the day. Some of these antiques and actual treasures are just sitting in there waiting to be found at unbelievably affordable prices!

“Found at local Goodwill: an exact copy of the sweater my mom has owned for at least a couple decades.”


“Got these beautiful wingback chairs $35/each!”


“The result of growing up with thrifty immigrant parents: a Houston apartment decorated almost entirely with Facebook marketplace finds.”


“Thrifted these gorgeous coasters.”


“Found my white whale! This globe-Wernicke metal barrister case was a whopping $50. They retail for hundreds to thousands of dollars. This must be what heroin feels like!”


“I got that suit jacket several months ago and just yesterday found the matching pants at goodwill!”


“$6 and some rit dye and gel stain!”


“I’m an opera singer. Guess who found this $1000 Chiara Boni gown for $15 at Salvation Army!”


“Found this handmade leather tracksuit for $10 at my favorite local thrift store and it fits PERFECTLY.”


“My mom found “The Strawberry Dress” y’all, only 75 cent. I am so jealous.” (Originally $490)

lirik.matoshi, Bunnystrawberry

“Goodwill gonna make me the coolest uncle this Christmas, ngl.”


“He had planned on a much more expensive one so he was surprised I wanted this one. Hasn’t been cleaned and the little diamond still shines so much. The engraving “True Love” is perfect. 14K gold diamond ring from the 50s.”


“Got the perfect brass firewood carrier on the right today at SA. Nearly everything in the pic (including the doggo) is thrifted/second-hand.”


“My husband has a pretty good eye. He found this Reformation dress for me when we were thrifting today. Only $20.”


“Pre-COVID 1980’s Adidas find. I love it.”


“$2. The lady had absolutely no idea who these people are.”


“My thrifted prom dress for $11.50! It has pockets too!”


“Thrifted this dresser and mirror for $30.”


“Found these cool book coasters for $2.”


“My housemate is moving out so I finally get to decorate my space how I want. This is my latest addition-$25 at Goodwill.”


“Went to a vintage shop for the first time last week. Found this 1960s dress for NYE and couldn’t leave it behind.”


“I found a tiny couch for Garbanzo.”


“Drove home in a snowstorm with this hanging out of my trunk but it was TEN DOLLARS.”