30 Treasurable Finds That People Couldn't Believe At Thrift Stores

30 Treasurable Finds That People Couldn’t Believe At Thrift Stores

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We love finding that one unique thing at the thrift store. These stores sell secondhand objects which often come with a history that not even store owners fully understand. We don’t always know the stories, but if it’s something cool, you wouldn’t want to miss it.

These people just had to share their finds for the internet and who wouldn’t be proud of these?

Found this beauty for $20. I love how delicate stained glass looks and that there’s all color kitties.

Kira Arechiga-Vo

I found a vintage lamb cake mold for $15. Tomorrow is my birthday, so my daughter decided this was what we were doing for my birthday cake.

Alicia Verdier

So cute! Found at Relics in Maine.

Barb Ann Mars

Hubby came home with this. It is 5’ long & 4’ tall. It was $1.00 at a yardsale. Banana for scale.

Billie Lynne Medendorp

Went to Goodwill and found the most perfect coasters EVER for $3.

It’s an amazing clock and does have a light sensor. I really struggle to tell the time as I’m very dyslexic and my boyfriend surprised me with this!

Abbey Tighe

Goodwil in Wisconsin rapids, WI.

Tracy McGregor‎ 

A very happy piggy is home with me! This is German artist Michael Sowa’s ‘Diving Pig’.

Christine Kaminski Lukasavige

A 60’s Lee West Alpha Egg chair with working speakers inside and original Ottoman and side table.

Brenden Shanks

I’m impulsive, but I’ve always wanted one and since it’s going to be my birthday. Only $220 for this!

Smallest nesting dolls set ever! This could be part of a bigger doll that can have up to 30 dolls inside.

Jessica Schermerhorn

Griswald approves of his new chaise lounge from a garage sale.

Elisabeth Guetle

This very tiny functional knife with mother of pearl handle.


Arch made of used books I bought from a couple in Pittsburgh.

This ‘chaotic good’ vibe of a sign.

Tanya L. Parker

Got myself a perfect candle for my divorce celebration. Goodbye, husband from hell.

Anna France

Paid only $10 for this gem and thought it was just a hammer until I saw the clasps.

Corrina Scheetz

Came home with a beautiful craft.

Emily Erin

This perfect leash for my Dachshund.

Katherine Rea

Friend snuck this into my new bathroom. Great review!


An unopened bottle of poison. The store owner had one opened bottle and the plls are coffin shaped.

Cheri Lee

More than 5 years searching for my grandma’s lovely bronze statues. Was told no will left, even though grandma was the only family member close to me and told me she’ll give these statues to me later.

Andrea Feicke

The whisk she’s willing to take home.

Katherine Break

Murder Mystery Writer’s Desk teapot for $10. I also just found a Kitchen Sink teapot for $5, so looks like I’m starting a collection.


This is Marvin. He’s very handsom.

Weird Secondhand Finds

$4.25, 11 inches tall, weighs 1.25 pounds. It is a ‘bridal cup’ or ‘jugendfraubecher’ in German. This isn’t a production piece, but one-of-a-kind handcraft made with primitive methods. It could even be THE original ‘nuremberg jugendfraubecher’ of 1450 AD.

John Truman Long

Inherited this from my grandparents, such adorable little gem!

Weird Secondhand Finds

This is ‘Bubo’ from 1960’s AM Radio in Japan.

Weird Secondhand Finds

Elderly man sells this on the side road because his wife can’t stand it anymore. He’ been with it for 35 years, so I’ll repair it and give it back to him.

Michelle Bermudez

My Willie approves her new chair. She now needs a couch.

Elizabeth Edwardsen