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22 Strange Things People Have No Idea About Their Actual Purpose, But Internet Does


22 Strange Things People Have No Idea About Their Actual Purpose, But Internet Does


There are so many antiques and old things that our parents and grandparents failed to tell us about. It’s not that they matter much as time has gone by for so long and we’ve moved on to a modern life with technology. Encountering these items which purpose we don’t really understand piques our interest very well!

Can you guess correctly what they are before reading the answers?

Found this in the attic, appears to be a blueberry comb and should be held in the other direction.


Found in the woods, but definitely not a real gun and could be 50+ years old based on the rust. It’s the Buck Rogers Disintegrator Space Ray Gun; in other words, a vintage gun toy from 1940s!


In a Midwest house that was built in early 1900s on the wall in the closet. It’s the century old equivalent to your circuit breaker panel.


Seeing these getting installed in my university for the first time. They’re temporary steam outlets when a section of steam pipe is being worked on.


Found this metal object. No text or numbers. It can retract to be the size of a bracelet. It’s top or closure of a vintage purse or small handbag.


Found this inside spaghetti with canned sauce. Looks so much like rosary peas, a type of plant that is poisonous in all kinds of way, unless you swallow it whole without breaking the shell.

Found this in my house that had an old bar. Don’t think too much: it’s just a clamp to hold bar towels and the ring is to keep it locked.


Got this at a thrift store, an old camera shutter timer that is attached on a camera and then winded up.


This thing with on-off switch inside an old phone booth in Marriot in KC. It’s a part of old fan that was built for phone booths.


This thing made of hard leater, laying in basement is a sailmaker’s palm to push needles through heavy material.


Seem like a compressor of sort and has the number 190 engraved inside. It’s a candle wick trimmer.


This cute tiny pineapple with a spoon is a miniature salt cellar.


Found a small Swiss brass box outdoor. This is actually a portable ashtray with a spot to rest cigarette on.


This scissors has 3 blades and the handle bends to lock it open. You know it if you use it, because it’s a herb cutter.


Pull the ring and 4 sharp pins pop out. It’s a rare anti-theft device for pocket watches before the 20th century as the spikes extend and alert you when someone tries to steal it.


This lightweight, pointy cylindrical tin we don’t know about. It’s the musical in Dominican Republic, a Güira.


Found this crank thing on the wall of an old house. Appears to be an ice crusher.


Found a weird gear that counts from 1 to 31 at an estate sale. It appears to be a tachometer and the dial reads RPMs.


These holes are how ecology data is collected by counting how many clams in every hole to find the average of the entire beach.


Staying in a Victorian style AirBnb in England and found this in the kitchen cabinet. It’s a juicer for citrus fruit and stands above a cup or glass.


This is an egg topper/cutter.


Grandpa’s tool, but not sure what it is. It’s a hand vise for jewelry and watch repair.


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