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22 People Whose Sense Of Humor Is Sharper Than A Diamond


22 People Whose Sense Of Humor Is Sharper Than A Diamond

Ah, my cup of tea.

Life is hard. It can get so difficult, putting us down at times. Is that how you feel at times? Well, maybe the perspectives that these people have in life can lighten up your mood a bit. But it goes without saying that they probably only have their sense of humor going right now.

We just love how these people manage to strike even the most ruthless situations with jokes. They get dark, but at least we get a good laugh from them!

1. “I figured out you don’t actually have to assemble these things.”


2. The best dent repair I’ve ever seen!


3. Man probably got Ford just to crack this joke.

TheRussMartinShow / imgur

4. In case of broken glass.


5. That’s the long way around.

Fuzzybuzzy514 / reddit

6. Cousin in wheelchair manages to crack jokes only he can.

SurebutterCringe / reddit

7. So… where’s Unsinkable I?

mentholie / imgur

8. More wheelchair jokes.

shockthew0rld / reddit

9. Yo, true pumpkin spice lattes lovers will not drive pass this without stopping in to change oil.

Spencer94 / reddit

10. You want mystery? We deliver.

zehtov / reddit

11. Dad jokes. I’d like to buy one, though.

mnyuubi / reddit

12. The picture mom took at Mt. Rushmore after 9 hours driving up.

ZimbleGoat / reddit

13. This ‘home alone’ party though.

kunsjef / reddit

14. Whose kid is this?

StockSwaff / reddit

15. Librarians sorting out the romance section based on their experience.

ChanklaChucker / imgur

16. “What are you this Halloween?!” “I’m an idiot sandwich…”

Amazing-noob / reddit

17. The moment we all dreaded.

d4rm713 / imgur

18. Lost his right arm and broke his left. So friend decided its time to get that T-shirt.

DFine5 / reddit

19. This Halloween, they didn’t have a babysitter.

unique1007 / reddit

20. Highway patrol ain’t joking with this one, I think.

GiaacomoTheKing / reddit

21. What a fun girl.

jeppe148 / imgur

22. You know a protester is a doctor when:

lCall911l / reddit

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