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22 Hilarious Times People Forgot Things In The Laundry


22 Hilarious Times People Forgot Things In The Laundry

Never forget, my friend.

Well, not all of them are funny. Imagine if you forgot about your $100 in your pocket and could only witness its destruction when the washer is midway shaking and cleaning your pants. Or maybe you forgot your earbuds in there. Oh, the dread.

Well, here’s the compilation of the funniest moments people forgot things in their laundry. People think going to the laundry mat is harmless. They should really see what it can do to people.

1. This fine pair of gloves suffered the consequences of the washing machine.

© golf / Reddit

2. Forgot her earbuds!

© CornponeBrunch / Reddit

3. Forgot her lip balm.

© smellypeople / Reddit

4. Forgot a picture of her husband in her pocket that got washed.

© Bob_Arctor / Reddit

5. A sticker that got accidentally washed with T-shirt and now it looks like a shattered moon.

© 2prov3 / Reddit

6. A book of matches that got accidentally washed.

© mobilehomies / Reddit

7. Pillow says it’s ‘washing machine and dryer safe’. This is the result.

© Ddoge_YT/Reddit

8. Forgot a penny.

© Knnba / Reddit

9. Girlfriend felt terrible for accidentally washing her boyfriend’s favorite pocket watch.

© Anonymous / Reddit

10. This is what happens when you wash an entire box of Bounce strips.

© morgdalaine / Reddit

11. More money!

© kadysheva.vika / Instagram

12. Paper towel got accidentally washed and it survived!

© gwywnc / Reddit

13. A dog appears on the wallet after it was accidentally washed.

© OstidTabarnak / Reddit

14. Sneakers + dryer =

© kobydornclan / Instagram

15. Ever imagine how the most perfect naked nut look like? Here’s a dried almond that survived the washing machine.

© u/kwoddail / Reddit

16. Washed his only pencil last night, so it started leaking water while he was mid-writing for notes in class.

© The_Dankest_Vader / Reddit

17. So… a camera went in there. Of course, accidentally.

© CleverPrimate / Reddit

18. Anti-stress pillow went into the washing machine. Now it looks like a freezer.

© ~ Silence ~ /

19. Here’s an RFID cloth tag post-washing.

© Soulbrotherluis / Reddit

20. White long-sleeved shirt got mixed up with red clothing. Might as well dye it blue now.

© austinreedboi / Reddit

21. A sweater that got accidentally washed with a purple fluffy jacket. 0.3% progress on fixing it.

© AnikaSmithArts / Reddit

22. Forgot his dollar bills and it turns out one of them was a counterfeit.

© drawmesunshine / Reddit

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