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21 Hilarious Times People Saw Some Innocent Things That Gave Them Goosebumps


21 Hilarious Times People Saw Some Innocent Things That Gave Them Goosebumps

Our brain definitely did all the work.

Our brain is an amazing and scary thing in terms of analyzing and ‘filling in the blanks’ in our visual receptor. It also easily associates silhouettes with familiar objects or images which then creates either interesting or scary things, like what these people see below.

Green Lemon has compiled the scariest sh*ts that people have seen in their life, unable to blame anyone, but their brain for it.

This is how anti-plastic bottle ads should look.

© zschultz / reddit

When you know soda isn’t good for you and your brain tries hard to convince you.

© wikings2 / reddit

Clever 9-year-olds did this to their mom. Never know what happens to them afterwards.

© NakajimaB5N / reddit

If there were Orc-version of cats.

© SirBallBag / reddit

Is that… Edgar Alan Poe on my bathroom floor?

© Bugpotter / reddit

These wireless earbuds turn into a smiley when charged.

© A_to_the_J254 / reddit

Best kind of Halloween decoration that also guarantees nightmares.

© AlexRedford7 / reddit

Just a scorpion-shaped piece of bark that got stuck on a cardboard.

© Evangeline113 / reddit

Reflection on the kitchen tiles looked terribly like a Stormtrooper.

© doratheexplora694 / reddit

This pair of slippers that look like there are souls trapped in them.

© Dank_Abyss_Watcher / reddit

Tree be like: Hi.

© AussieXPat / reddit

Woman’s shadow figure in the closet created by the clothes’ shadow.

© GoBackToWhoreIsland / reddit

Meanwhile this snake… looking braid.

© MedicZee / reddit

When you’re home alone for Christmas and you saw this.

© DejectedSoul / reddit

Someone forgot to take off their Halloween decoration.

© doubledeecon / reddit

This piece of wood that looks like a frightening dragon.

© MarliePwns / reddit

This surprise that is otherwise hilarious.

© AnAwkwardWhince / reddit

When you were not prepared and saw this by the riverside. Otherwise, it looks cool.

© blonsky / Pikabu

The kind of reflection that will scare the daylight out of anyone.

© Panishev / reddit

Get a cat, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

© SSSA / Pikabu

Doggo would like to know your location, please.

© 2211Nighthawk / reddit

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