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20 Women Who Trashed The Razor And Are Living Their Best Lives Now

Body Positivity

20 Women Who Trashed The Razor And Are Living Their Best Lives Now

And women don’t even have as much hair than men in general!

Women are subjected to many standards they must learn as children. And many of these are standards not meant for them – they’re simply standards to allow them to be perceived more positively by people even if they make no sense.

One of them is to shave your hair and ensure you have only smooth skin. When men get to not care that they have hair and mustache, and choose to shave or not if they want, why can’t women? These women show that they can do that too and not be burdened with being considered less just because they don’t shave.

Say bye to the razor!

“No more afraid of what people will say about my body hair.”

women who stopped shaving and feel confident 14 1 768x1219 1

“Before, I Felt Sorry When I Went Out To The Street. Now I Really Feel Pretty Being Hairy.”

Women Who Have Ditched The Razor 4b

“I got married today and wore my natural body hair as a beautiful accessory.”

women who stopped shaving and feel confident 2

“How are you feeling today?”

razor free women 3 2

“Feelin’ myself.”

razor free women 4 2

“Razor Free Since October And Loving It!”

Women Who Have Ditched The Razor 4a

“Over one year razorfree!!”

razor free women 14 2

Julia Michaels at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards.

razor free women 5 2
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“I don’t think I own a razor.”

razor free women 6 2

“I Can’t Wait Until It’s Warm Enough To Wear This Dress Outside.”

Women Who Have Ditched The Razor 16

Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Leon.

razor free women 7 1

Amanda Stenberg looked stunning in this sleeveless black gown on the red carpet during London Film Festival in 2018.

razor free women 12 2
Getty Images

“Well, here we are… first post.”

razor free women 1 2

“After running pictures!”

razor free women 11 2

“Society en-masse needs to accept women have hair, too!”

razor free women 15 2

Frida Kahlo, taken back in the 1930s.

razor free women 8 2
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“I was out shopping today when a guy noticed my legs and paid me a compliment. It made my day.”

razor free women 2

“We have the razor-free legs and armpits, but what about razor-free face and chest? Trying to embrace my hirsutism.”

razor free women 9 2

Julia Roberts on the red carpet in 1999. She later shared that it was unintentional, but this moment remains iconic.

razor free women 10 2

“Flowers and sunshine.”

razor free women 13 2

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