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20 Self-Claimed ‘Influencers’ Tried To Get Free Stuff But Failed Miserably


20 Self-Claimed ‘Influencers’ Tried To Get Free Stuff But Failed Miserably

Entitled human beings who felt superior with their 10k followers.

Influencers. What a powerful word these self-claimed, entitled beings are using for themselves. But unfortunately, their ‘influencer’ status has not managed to convince a lot of people to provide free service for ‘exposure’.

We know our readers will have a hard time understanding, so here’s your short lingo session: exposure bucks is when influencers offer to post their products and services without having to pay anything. Guess what, exposure bucks don’t pay the bills, so these people are essentially beggars with nice manicures and glamorous Instagram page.

1. Influencer wants my adult coloring book for 9,000 exposure bucks.


2. There is no need for me to pay you.

3. Instagram influencers offer the best incentives to work for them!


4. Wannabe influencers abuse the generosity of international volunteer program’s free food & housing.


5. “Influencer” upset our tiny business didn’t send a freebie in a timely manner.


6. Social Influencer banned from Cathay Airline for life for demanding Business Class upgrade.


7. A beauty influencer posted screenshots of her demanding PR for a $17 eyeshadow palette in an attempt to shame an indie brand, instead she just came across as catty and childish.


8. “It’s too expensive, I’m an Influencer I can shout you out. That drawing is easy.”


9. Bachelorette contestant wants free rent to be “live-in influencer”.

10. Influencer shames single-mum after exposure bucks offer for free nails declined politely.


11. Social media ‘influencer’ walks into a retail store…


12. Yelper is mad because the restaurant didn’t give them a free meal.


13. Exposure pays the bills, feeds the kids and buys you stuff.


14. Host a party for us. Get paid in exposure.


15. Don’t wanna pay $500 like most people pay, I want it for free.


16. Influencer already has a wedding photographer but wants YOU to pay for the chance to shoot her wedding.


17. ‘Surprised influencer’ thought it was the photographer who should PAY her.


18. You give me: FREE wedding cake and photographer. I give you: exposure.


19. Supposedly ‘influencer’ with 10k less followers tried her exposure bucks offer.


20. Hello. Pay me $5 for me using your artwork.

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