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20 People Who Overcome Obstacles And Change Their Life Completely


20 People Who Overcome Obstacles And Change Their Life Completely

You can be emotionally over the moon if you choose to!

Life can be hard and it can appear like nothing goes the way you so desire, making you feel like the world is against you. Undeniably, the world can be quite cruel and of course a lonely place.

But there are things that can be done to begin turning one’s life around. Be it you’re struggling with a loss, you are working a job you hate or perhaps you are not on the path you expected, you alone have the keys to changing whatever discomforts you.

It’s impossible not to feel sick, or get heartbroken once or twice, but dealing with such circumstances dictates how you can actually overcome difficult phases in life. Here, the people on this list have incredibly managed to overcome their obstacles and in fact, have transformed their lives.

Making obvious transformations, they can be a source of inspiration to you. Read their short story and learn from them. Enjoy!

‘After Years Of Depression, I Started My Day With A Beach Walk’


‘Despite Having A Bad Year (Made Mistakes, Might Get Deported) I’ve Grown A Lot. My Legal Situation Is Almost Over And Though I May See Consequences, I Am Happy I’ve Changed’


‘I’ve Just Bought My Own Flat. A New Chapter In My Life.’


‘Struggled For 12Years With Weight And Mental Illness. Today I Am Proud Of Myself’


‘Battled With Alcoholism For Years. Lost The People I Loved More. But Now, I Am Learning To Love And Forgive Myself’


When Daughter Clocked 1, Dad Changed His Life And Quits Bad Habits

Doolan91 / reddit

Before Vs. After Changing My Lifestyle Within 365 Days

 lootingisillegal / imgur

A Healthy Eating Habit Is So Much Fun. My Breakfast Usually Come Through A Drive Through Window

guitarbassdrums / reddit

This Guy Broke Up His Girlfriend, Got A New Hair Cut And Now A Whole New Person

 JiggaJiggaMuffMuff / reddit

Small Things Like Cleaning Out The Drawers Can Change Your Life

That0n36uy / reddit

There’s Nothing More Satisfying As Cleaning Your Kitchen For A Change Of Life

 StarGuardianJulie / reddit

‘I’ve Been Depressed, But Finally, I Stood Up, Went Out And Purchased Flowering Plants. I Did This Myself’

dabaqa8 / reddit

12-Year Of Battling With Homelessness. Here’s A Place To Call Home

-life_starts_now- / reddit

Experienced A Mini Heart Attack And Breathing Problems. Then I Decided To Make A Change

twintoppler / reddit

Cleaning Out A Bedroom Inspires Better Days Ahead

CanIhaveSomeChicken245 / imgur

After Going Through Midlife Crisis And A Challenging Year Of Divorce, Dad Switched Things Up Through Painting

 ObjectionablyObvious / reddit

‘It’s Through Thick And Thin!’ I And Wife Lost 315Ib

apparition88 / reddit

It’s Been 365 Days Since I Left The Relationship. I Look Different!

purdypotato / imgur

Quit My Strenuous Desk Job And Now I Make Glow In The Dark Art Full Time

CathrinMachin / reddit

For The First In 4 Years Since Mom Passed, I Folded My Clothes And Finally Overcoming An Emotional Obstacle

 koiifished / reddit

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