20 People Who Identified Their Soulmate In The Hilariously Cutest Way Ever

20 People Who Identified Their Soulmate In The Hilariously Cutest Way Ever

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To be able to find your one true soulmate in life, ah, how blissful! Some people spend their whole life finding the one. Some grew up with them and never regretted not knowing what dating like most people are.

These people couldn’t be happier with their love, finding happiness in the smallest things, and proudly declare to people that this is the one. These hilarious yet lovely tweets will definitely make your day!

1. Where is your big hoop attitude, boo?


2. She won.


3. A man who doesn’t hesitate to apologize!


Love is chemistry. We’re not referring to the chemistry between people but the literal chemistry process in our brains. In short, our brain releases dopamine, a happy hormone, when we feel good. Whether that’s going on a nice date with our crush or getting intimate with them. The biology of love also explains other lovestruck symptoms people typically have.

4. This is love.


5. Marriage in a nutshell, too.


6. He’s drunk with love. Maybe.


7. Getting snoozed.


8. The Marco Polo team.


9. Regardless, you are special.


10. No, your boyfriend has got his priorities right.


Another hormone that is released together is called norepinephrine. This hormone is actually responsible for when we lose our appetite and unable to sleep. Just by being shown a picture of the person we’re romantically interested in can activate the brain section responsible for ‘reward.’ When we’re ‘obsessed’ with someone, serotonin level decreases, lowering our mood and appetite.

11. Partners in crime.


12. Wife says ‘You don’t need that receipt, do you?’


13. He is always making sure.


14. He covered up her blunders!


15. True love is real.


16. The cat is part of the family, too!


Love is a form of drug. The analogy is often used because, like drugs, being with someone you’re attracted to releases dopamine continuously. Substance abuse leads to a similar result that brings you to a state of ‘high.’ Even the ‘withdrawal symptom’ is similar, just like how a person in love always craves for their loved one’s presence and touch.

17. Tom Tinder.


18. This lovely elderly couple.


19. My wife turned me into a playlist.


20. My better-looking wife.