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20 Hilarious Instagram Vs. Reality Posts That Are Scarily Becoming The Norm


20 Hilarious Instagram Vs. Reality Posts That Are Scarily Becoming The Norm

Madonna, Kim, and more.

Using filters on every selfie has become such the norm for people who are active on social media, especially influencers. It’s concerning to see how body image is so distorted when it comes to people who put only the best things about themselves. And even many of those facets aren’t real because a single picture cannot represent a person’s life.

These are people who’ve been caught editing how they look and sadly, many of them are people who’re financially well in life, obviously with plenty of access to quality skin care and a healthy diet including people like Madonna and Kim Kardashian. Some had theirs edited without their consent because some people were concerned over their page’s aesthetics. Scroll on as a reminder that self-love is most beautiful thing in life.

“When I saw the pictures posted by this infamous Influencer I immediately became suspicious. The original versions of his pictures really reveal the extent of the editing.”

Instagram vs Reality 14

“I had to call this out because so many of her Insta pictures don’t look like the same person.”

Instagram vs Reality 15 2

“Filter witchcraft – Promo pic vs TikTok live.”

Instagram vs Reality 16

“Hairstylist gave her a nose job.”

Instagram vs Reality 17

“Red carpet photos are always a giveaway.”

Instagram vs Reality 18

“Her IG post vs IG tagged.”

Instagram vs Reality 19

“I need to re-learn anatomy after seeing what influencers look like these days…”

Instagram vs Reality 20

From photogenic, to a normal beachgoer.

Instagram vs Reality 1

Instagram vs Reality 2

“Finally a pap shot that’s not airbrushed.”

Instagram vs Reality 3

“An actress abusing Photoshop recently.”

Instagram vs Reality 4

Edited vs. paparazzi shot on the cover.

Instagram vs Reality 5

Madonna is so frequent on this list.

Instagram vs Reality 6

“Ms girl who claims she doesn’t use filters.”

Instagram vs Reality 7

“This “hot” football fan, unedited VS her Instagram. She’s 20.”

Instagram vs Reality 8

“Influencer’s photo posted on Insta versus screenshot from a video.”

Instagram vs Reality 9

“A cosplayer I follow on Facebook at a live event.”

Instagram vs Reality 10

“The absolute worst offender.”

Instagram vs Reality 11

“I’m what world is the right picture better?!”

Instagram vs Reality 12

When you meet one of those influencers in real life…

Instagram vs Reality 13 2

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