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Influencer Honestly Shows The Reality Behind ‘Perfect’ Instagram Photos


Influencer Honestly Shows The Reality Behind ‘Perfect’ Instagram Photos

Nobody is perfect, and having extra skin doesn’t make you less beautiful.

The importance of body fitness and poise cannot be over-emphasized, but on the contrary, our natural looks can’t always be hidden. Most people want to always put up this appearance that makes people see them as ‘perfect,’ but this is not the case for Emily Skye, who has come out clean about her true body status.

According to Emily, irrespective of one’s rigorous fitness, occurrences like pregnancy can leave a woman’s belly out of shape. 

This claim, however, is what Emily, with 2.4Million Instagram followers, embraces as she opines it doesn’t make one any less beautiful. In her recent post, the new mom explained why her belly shape looks in great shape in some photos and in some other videos and pictures, not so great. She revealed it’s attributed to her pose, including camera angles and lighting.

The influencer is no doubt honest about her body, as she said in the post: “Saggy, wrinkly belly skin—sometimes you can see it and other times you can’t.”

Emily further added that many people have been interrogating her about her stomach while alleging she uses Photoshop“I just wanted to show that how I stand, whether I’m flexing & what light I’m in either highlights my excess belly skin or hides it! —And I don’t mind either way, which is why I post both,” Emily stated.

With some women getting so conscious of their bodies that they begin to lose confidence, Emily has urged them not to be so difficult on themselves.

Emily continued: “Is it weird that I’m actually proud of it? I’m proud of what it represents, I guess. I grew a human in this belly & the whole process of motherhood has made me SO much stronger and also so much more confident in myself and my body. I couldn’t care less whether the stretched skin stays or goes! It’s such an insignificant thing in my eyes.”

To bolster her point, Emily has also been spending time documenting her “unfiltered postpartum journey,” and she didn’t leave out the stretch marks either. 

So much confidence Emily puts on to do this as she had told why she’s coming out clean. She shared: “It’s to humanize me—because people look at social media influencers and think ‘she’s perfect,’ so it shows other women I have stretch marks on my bum and loose skin on my tummy too. Nobody is perfect and having some extra skin, stretch marks, cellulite or whatever else doesn’t make you any less beautiful or amazing!”

Such a motivation Emily is as she also succinctly points out that every woman should embrace themselves for who they are and what they’ve become body-wise. 

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