20 Hilarious Comics That Come With Plot Twists

20 Hilarious Comics That Come With Plot Twists

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Life is full of twists, at least, that’s how it should if we want it to stay exciting. At a glance, Bits and Pieces look like they may a very normal comic about slice-of-life… but the truth is that their comics are popular because of the surprising twists in them. They often take trending topics and viral news as materials for their comics.

BNP is a ‘group of nerds taking a bite out of life’ and is still a growing account with 1.2k followers. The reason being the three comic artists are actually working as techs and love to share their working experience! They are also all from Michigan, and one of them had always loved drawing since he was a kid. Three of them now become a close-knit group that makes comics often related to their professional jobs.




They also share that it’s a great way for them to vent out when they are filled with anxieties, whether from work or just life in general. Of course, these comics will definitely make you laugh if you’re under the stress of a changing world!

Do head over and check out their content if you love what you see here!

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