19 Times People Show How One Man's Trash Can Be Another Man's Treasure

19 Times People Show How One Man’s Trash Can Be Another Man’s Treasure

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Some people love doing dumpster diving, but nowadays, the activity itself is far from the actual term used. Dumpster diving is popular in rich cities where consumerism lifestyle is prevalent everywhere. This means capable people tend to switch to the newest ‘trending’ stuff, throwing away their old, otherwise fine, belongings.

These secondhand hauls may seem to be complete trash to some, but others take opportunities out of this. These ‘trash’ still function perfectly fine and need extra love to bring them back to life, looking almost brand new!

“Two oil on panel paintings from between 1929 and 1934 in Canada I found tonight, both painted by the same artist.”


“It was in a dumpster, but they took great care to leave it visible and not touching anything too gross.”


“They are super clean. They were in a fairly wealthy suburb. My guess is they are an unfinished project. They even had spare screws and screw covers taped to them and were half sanded.”


According to Dr. David Sack, M.D., Chief Medical Officer for Elements Behavioral Health, shopping addiction is a genuine mental problem that 5-7% of popular suffers. People with this problem have ‘repeated and intense urges to shop, and have trouble resisting those impulses.’ The biggest problem? These massive spenders don’t actually use the things they buy.

“Found this guy. New with tag on it.”


“Apple Airpods, wirh charging case. Still in the retail packaging!”


“All clad sauce and frying pans! Slightly used but new to me! Found in a recycling dumpster.”


“Watched a guy put a box in a e-waste bin and had to take a look.”


“Really nice office chair. Can’t find anything wrong with it.


“I work as a school photographer. Best believe that when I pulled up at the elementary school I was photographing and saw the giant GORGEOUS mirror near the school dumpster, I snuck her into my back seat before heading into the school.”


“Found this $200 printer in a college dumpster today! Works just fine. It came with extra cartridges too!”


The addiction is even compared to drug addiction because shoppers enjoy a burst of dopamine when they shop. About 95% of these compulsive buyers experience a great mood boost when they purchase, regardless of whether or not they could actually afford it.

“RAIDER MOE’S threw out dozens of bouquets because a portion of the flowers was wilting. I brought them home, sorted them out, gave them a trim, and repurposed them into completely new arrangements.”


“So our condo has a freecycle section in the garage where people put stuff they don’t want. One of the keys was sticking (the | key). I googled the problem, which appears to be common, so I got some compressed air to free up the stuck key.”


“Took this guy back up to my apt, googled what was wrong with it, watched a few YouTube videos on how to repair, and now I have an espresso maker that works perfectly.”


“The dumpster provides… a Mendini violin.”


“Someone threw out a 50″ Smart TV. Guess who has a new TV.”


“At the side of the road for free, solid wood and in fairly great shape. And almost exactly what I’ve been searching for in second hand shops.”


“Thanks Fred :)”


Some people may mistake this for ‘impulse’ purchases that we make, such as when getting a new flat TV. These are isolated events where we buy things we really love and actually use regularly, in this event, by watching Netflix all day long. Shopping addiction is when you know that you’re buying something you won’t use – you want that mood boost from the dopamine shot.

But shopping addiction is not incurable – many people found help by going on therapies and learning basic personal financial management.

“Found a rose gold 128gb iPhone 7+ with just cracked glass. Everything else works and is in great shape, and it was reset when I found it.”


“Two vintage jewelry boxes with tons of older jewelry!”


These might be things that some people don’t want anymore for whatever reasons. But some people will appreciate them very much when given a second chance!