19 People Who Are Super Proud With Their Work And Shared It With The World

19 People Who Are Super Proud With Their Work And Shared It With The World

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If you set your focus on that one thing you want to achieve, don’t worry too much about what others might say. Different people make progress differently, and you should never expect self-development and growth to be a competition or challenge with others.

These people decided their mind on something and started it. They did not give up just because those around them say it won’t work or that it’s crazy of them. After hours of hard work, countless mistakes, and learning, they could finally reach a point where they feel so proud of themselves.

We hope these can also serve as inspirations for those of you who have been hesitating!

“This pencil drawing took me over 250 hours to complete.”


“I made a new thing.”


“Just finished my first cross stitch project. It’s not perfect by any means, but I’m thrilled with how it turned out.”


As you can probably see from all the descriptions. These aren’t things that are instantly easy to do for them. They went through a series of failures and a lot of research before they try to do something. Because of life and work, some have to spend years to finish a project that they’ve been dreaming of.

“I make a flower bouquet from crepe paper.”


“Got told I was crazy to try to produce purses during the shutdowns. Yesterday I shipped my 365th bag.”


“10-year-old me vs 25-year-old me.”


“6-year progress with the same, cheap, entry-level gear. Left image is the first time I ever captured the Moon. Right one is in 2020 when I merged 1012 Exposures of the Moon using a technique called ‘stacking.'”


“Another finished quilt made by my wife.”


Drew this with watercolor.


“This is my favorite thing I’ve ever made. Wisteria mobile in felt.”


Many of them don’t even make money out of the things they do! They first do it for fun because they love it. Some people turn their hobbies into small businesses that slowly replace their jobs and become their main income. Some keep it as a hobby, as something exclusively to destress instead of a business that can take all the fun out of it.

“3 year progression of self-portraits!”


“Homemade mural.”


“Me with a glass bowl that I made. It’s composed of around 8,800 pieces, that were all cut by hand.”


“These corset photos were taken yesterday morning and last night. I’ve worked on these for 18 months but it seems I will finally finish it today.”


“First time growing and harvesting sweet potatoes!”


“Just some Delft blue style ceramic tiles I hand painted.”


“My recent work. Dandelion resin snail.”


Whether you plan to turn it into a business, remember that you won’t be good at it overnight. Everyone starts somewhere and learn many things, often from mistakes and failures, to become better. Whatever it is that you want to do, if you set your mind on it and never give up, you will get there!

“Still learning photography, but I was proud of this photo of Chicago.”


“The engagement ring box I made. Our first date was watching Jurassic Park in an empty auditorium. Laser cut with magnets to hold it closed.”


These people spent a significant amount of time into their work to create something incredible. Behind these perfect works is a bunch of thrown away failures that gave them valuable lessons. Don’t be scared to make mistakes!