19 Interesting Stuff From The Past That Crazily Surprised Their Founders

19 Interesting Stuff From The Past That Crazily Surprised Their Founders

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There is something about things with historical values that pique our interest. A time when we are not alive is always an interesting time to learn about. How did people live back then? What led them to leave something from the past that we found today?

Here are some of the interesting things of the past that also leave people with mystery and questions.

I’m a bartender and got tipped a 1934 twenty tonight.


I own a newspaper from when Kennedy was assassinated (November 23, 1963).


1898 copy of assorted Edgar A. Poe works (gifted to my great grandparents).


Got a Game & Watch from Value Village for $4.


I found a copy of AOL in my bathroom.


This 1-dollar coin from 1882.


Found a Gatorade carton near the railway I work at in near mint condition. Date reads June 16, 1988.


A security guard at school found this a bag stuck between lockers that’s been there since 1950s.

North Canton City Schools

Mom keeps my baby silverware and I’m 36 now.


A very happy 6-year-old.


An old beautiful compass my grandparents keep.


My family has been living here for a few years and it was time to remodel the basement when we found this. Two of them!


In the box, there were three packages with an old newspaper dated March 25, 1951. The first package has all twenties! (a couple thousand), the second package has all fifties! The third package has 100s!!

Some of the bills were rarer than others. Some brown notes, a gold certificate and some star notes nearly uncirculated.

This has been sitting in my fiancé’s backyard since ’90s.


Found an interesting pocket watch.


Fossil at the parking lot.


This 2011 MacBook Pro is still brand new at my relative’s house.


This disc of free internet from 1999.


Same brand of seasoning bottles, bought 20 years apart.


Found a bunch of vintage board games in the attic of our new house.