19 Hilariously Relatable Things Every Dad Does, But Nobody Knows Why

19 Hilariously Relatable Things Every Dad Does, But Nobody Knows Why

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If parenting is a roller coaster, then going at it all alone can undeniably make one hell of a journey. Being a single mom/dad is challenging, but these dads are showing the universe how it’s done, going far and wide for their children.

A unique challenge is common amidst single dads, most especially when raising daughters, who might find it difficult to relate to a male guardian at times.  Nevertheless, the other aspect of being a single dad can somewhat be very hilarious.

What could be the reason why single dad sneeze at astronomical volumes? What could be the reason single dad shake snacks before eating them? Obviously, there’s lots of mystery focusing on single dads than the world itself.

People are, however, beginning to wonder why single dads do things no one has a clue as to why it’s done. Here we’ve compiled the hilariously relatable things or perhaps habits done by dads. Enjoy!

Single Dad Stares At Extremely Boring Things, Including Construction


Single Dad Gives The Most Lengthy Directions


I feel like all dads do this and I have no idea why???? I AM CONFUSION

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Single Dad Rule: Have No Friends


Why Do Single Dads Hold Things Meters Away From Face


Having A Shirt No One Has Ever Seen In A Store


why does like every dad have a shirt like this but you never see it in stores?#nbafinals #dad #viral

♬ This City – Sam Fischer

Don’t Remember Your Friend’s Names Even If You’ve Known Them Since Little


dads do be forgetting ur friends doe

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Single Dads Freak Out Over Gas Price Difference


Single Dads Hardly Throw Out Shirt From The Decades


why does my dad still have that shirt #fyp #bringitback

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Single Dads Head To The Airport 10 Hours Before Their Flights


Single Dads Sleep Better & Deeper In Hibernation Than A Bear


Visiting Kids Room & Asking Non-Urgent Question


Single Dads Never Let You The Thermostat


Single Dads Shake Snacks Before Consuming Them


Why do African dads shake their snacks 😂😭

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Single Dads Sneeze At Astronomical Volumes


Single Dads Reach Out Hands To The Back For Snacks


Having The Best Bond With The Family Dog Even Though They Don’t Want It At First


Single Dads Hardly Do The Requested When You Ask


Why do Dads always overdue everything, like mines been gone for years and theres still no milk #streetlight #nightlight #redlight #greenlight #parents

♬ Dads night light – stupidamericantv

Plays Video Clip At Full Volume On Their Smart Phones


Always Reminding You To Check Oil At Random Times