19 Dads Who Went All And Above To Surprise Their Kids

19 Dads Who Went All And Above To Surprise Their Kids

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What wouldn’t parents do for their kids? We have heard of so many beautiful stories of parents that sacrifice so many things just to make sure the kids are fed. These parents are not so different – whatever their Lil’ ones requested, they try to fulfill that.

Some of these dads go into woodworking, some into baking, some even into glass-blowing. Some didn’t even know how to craft at all, but with the will of making their kids happy, they made time to learn and impressed their children bigtime!

Daughter asked for pretzel pizza. Daughter got pretzel pizza.


Daughter asked for glass shoes for the dragon, so here are the results.


Son wants to use his slide for the pool on Father’s Day.


I was depressed and stayed out of the shop for 5 months. It all changed this weekend when my daughter wanted a nightstand.


Son wanted an octopus pancake. Feels like I made a horror scene.


Girlfriend’s daughter wanted a wooden sword and I got a bit carried away. These are oak with cherry and walnut fittings with leather wrapping the handles.


Scored ‘daddy points’ with a princess castle bed for daughter’s 3rd birthday.


And a rocket bed for the son!


My daughter, 6, asked for a canoe and expected me to say no. But she’s in for a surprise this morning.


Six-year-old son wanted to know if I could touch the clouds at work, so I took a picture.


Made a toilet for daughter’s dollhouse per her request. It was fun!


Did airbrush on daughter’s makeup logo, the first time in 5 years.


Son asked me to dress up as a chili pepper when attending a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in 2017 and I did.


Daughter wanted me to paint her unicorn ‘like in the old book’.


Made a ‘bug box’ for my daughter from old teak chairs. Never worked with leather before, but my daughter was happy.


Son asked for his guitar in black with flames.


Never tried woodworking before. Made this stand for son’s ‘Harry Potter’ wand because he wanted one and I’m glad with the result!


Son asked me to draw Mario and Bobby on paper.


Daughter asked if I could make a lion’s claw.