18 Women Whose Happiness Are Within Their Awesome Manicure

18 Women Whose Happiness Are Within Their Awesome Manicure

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A woman’s delight can reside in the smallest things. Manicure is a luxury that many people love to do. From cute to artistic manicures, people express themselves through the colors and patterns they use on them.

There’s just something lovely about manicures, whether you do it yourself or have a professional do it for you. There’s just something about watching your nails glow in your favorite colors or watch those gorgeous art be sealed on the tips of your fingers.

“Y’all are coordinating your manicures with cute coffee cups while I’m over here with turkey fingers…”


“This may not seem like a big deal to some but today is the first day postpartum I’ve been able to do my nails.”


The ‘Nails’ subreddit has more than 178k members. Manicure is an activity loved by many women and even men. Many people probably didn’t know that manicure is actually an activity that dates back to 5,000 years ago in India. Back then, the Indians use henna, a sort of permanent polish on nails.

“This is my 4th time using gel, and the first time I’ve tried anything other than a solid color!”


“Freshly done and ready for Spring.”


“Neutral feat some clouds.”


“Feeling emboldened to try some of my wacky ideas! Painted freehand with gel polish.”


“Sweet and spooky floral ghosts.”


“LOL, abstract nail art~”


“Subtle marble effect.”


One of the most popular historical figures who’s also an enthusiast of manicure is Cixi. Cixi is the dowager empress of China, well known for taking well care of her long nails. Cixi wears fake long nails, but she takes excellent care of them and gives them manicures regularly. Manicure is a favorite of Chinese royalties.

“Finally attempted a “russian manicure” aka cuticle extermination.”


“105 individually stamped on lines for this look! I counted.”


“Took me 3 hours but totally worth it!”


“Who said short nails can’t look cute!”


“My attempt at painting goldfish onto my nails!”


“Decided to do some Art nouveau nails, vintage vibes.”


Nail art, such as the art nouveau above, did not emerge until the ’80s. People began adding shapes, embellishments and give manicures texture. More nail shapes are also being preferred away from the almond shapes. And here we are today, reaching an age where there’s no limit to the possibilities. One is only limited to her imagination with so many different colors and types of gel and nail polish!

“This is magic! I’ve started regularly massaging my nails with an worn out electric toothbrush and vaseline. My cuticles have NEVER been better.”


“Did the cartoony looking nails. Very pleased with results and no cleanup.”


“Matte two-tone tips and negative space.”