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18 Women Reply What They Want To Do When There Are No Men On Earth For 24 Hours And It’s Sad


18 Women Reply What They Want To Do When There Are No Men On Earth For 24 Hours And It’s Sad

We wish for a safer world for women.

Who of you has never feared for your life when you’re walking down the street late at night and saw another man a few steps behind you? Even if you’re a man, the thought of being of having 3 strangers on the street that was your route home must be pretty alerting. For a woman who has a weaker physical constitution compared to men, it can mean life and death.

A viral TikTok video asked women if men were to be whisked away for only 24 hours.


The answers are wistful thinking and sad.


Just imagine, these simple things that men are able to do with less concerns about safety, women can’t do for fear of their life. No woman do early jogs unless they are accompanied by a close friend or partner. Wherever you are in the world, you always make sure you lock the door and windows properly before you sleep at night.

It is a scary world out there. The answers show that women feel unsafe with the sight of an unknown man in their proximity. It is not prejudice, it is not hatred, it’s simply precaution and fear because you don’t die twice. It took years for women to begin speaking up about their own experience. It may take even longer for proper actions to be taken.

Some men decided to give input on how they disagree with the video and its answers.


But others quickly replied, explaining how the majority of violent crimes has male perpetrators.


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