18 Unique Models Whose Appearance Redefines The Meaning Of 'Beauty'

18 Unique Models Whose Appearance Redefines The Meaning Of ‘Beauty’

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These gorgeous models prove that our typical beauty standards don’t have to be permanent. Its definition is always changing because beauty is a subjective topic. White or copper-skinned, these individuals showed that even with unique features that most modeling agencies would avoid, they could be splendid models that walk with confidence on the runway stage.

There’s no doubt that every single one of these models will leave a strong impression on you. These gorgeous faces of people who embrace natural beauty in its rawness.

Diandra Forrest

The first albino woman to ever sign a modeling contract was Diandra Forrest. She was 18 when she was first worked as a model, and despite facing much discrimination, she fought through all that persevered with her natural beauty!

Nastya Zhidkova

Nastya Zhidkova is a albino model and that explains the pale white skin that she has. Naturally, people refer to the UK model as the Snow Queen which fits her so well!

Sabina Karlsson

Natural beauty is Sabina Karlsson’s strong point. Her naturally curly red hair and freckles made her such a beauty that women can relate to. She’s also among the rare size 12 or 14 models who transitioned from “straight” sized modeling.

Luke Smith

Luke Smith is a London model who also works as a stylist. He is always ready to flaunt his gorgeous pale skin as his branding.

Duan Mei Yue

Duan Mei Yue is a Singaporean model who made it to the stage of New York Fashion Week. The 19-year-old Chinese descent had won the hearts of many with features that are not typically found in other models!

Andrea Thomas

She is a plus-size model who also has a skin condition called vitiligo. But despite it, Andrea had learned to be happy about herself and not be bothered with how she looks different from others.

Jessica Hope

Jessica Hope is a model and blogger who’s actively fighting against stereotyping against ethnicities. Natural beauty is a jam and that is why she serves as the face of ‘We Speak.’ Her passion aligns with her model agency that believes in talking about beauty standards in the fashion industry.

Coral Kwayie

For Coral Kwayie, freckles are her proud features. The 26-year-old is not hesitant about showing her face on camera and wouldn’t use makeup to cover them up. Natural beauty rocks!


You might think she’s still a young girl, but this 12-year-old charms people in ways they can’t explain. Her straightforward eyes made fashion brands love her appearance!


Birk has the most Irish features on her face – the red hair, the freckles, the ears… It was unthinkable years ago that someone like Birk would make it to the modelling world, but ‘beauty’ is a word that changes all the time. Now Birk is a model that the fashion industry aims hard for.

Sinéad Burke

Sinéad Burke is a model that inspired so many people. She has such a huge confidence and you should not let her size fool you. She works as an editor of British Vogue and also a writer.

Winnie Harlow

Winnie Harlow is a model that stole the spotlight when she appeared on America’s Next Top Model. Vitiligo cause white patches of skin to occupy the majority of her hands, knees, stomach, and mouth. But she exudes such an aura that she became a model who’ve worked with Diesel, Dazed and even made appearances in music videos with the likes of Sia and Beyoncé!

Lisa Helene Kramer

Lisa’s big nose and ears have are her selling point. The Italian model has made it to Harper’s Bazaar front page as well as work as Céline’s ambassador.

Tin Gao

The Anti-Agency loves finding unique human beings to be used as their new models. They are never short of surprises and Tin Gao was one of them. Despite her unique appearance, no information about the woman was released aside from her modeling pictures.

Becca Horn

When most agencies would avoid using her because of her teeth gap, Becca proves that it has become a unique feature of her! Now everyone loves her smile and it just isn’t right when she doesn’t!

Adeline Jouan

Adeline’s another model who got popular for her teeth gap. The French model had modeled for Elle, Monki, and Interview as well.

Sara Hiromi

Sara Hiromi might be best known for her modeling works. But the New York-based model is a creative individual that gets herself involved in other art-related projects as well. She is also a quarter Japanese.

Daria Svertilova

A model born in Ukraine and a photographer based in Paris. Daria has worked with major luxurious brands, such as Dior and Balmain.