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18 Times People Set Their Mind Onto Something And Achieved Them


18 Times People Set Their Mind Onto Something And Achieved Them

It wasn’t easy for them either.

People who set goals and achieve it are the most amazing people in the world. We can all agree it is really hard to be committed, even to ourselves, and after fully understanding how it’s going to impact us positively. This is especially true with the recent trend in being ‘accepting’ towards some habits and life that experts have long explained to be unhealthy.

Others had their dreams crushed early because adults such as teachers and even their own parents telling them it’s impossible. But these people did not submit to those notions. These people prove that no matter what is your goal, as long as it’s positive, you can and will achieve it.

Picture on the right was from my 40th birthday a few months ago and on the left was more than 10 years ago. Lost more than 100 lbs!


Lost 100 lbs at last!


Your dream is never too high to achieve. A decade apart.


From 330 lbs to 82 lbs, finally feeling way better.


Yep, I got my neck and shoulders back after losing 239 lbs!


We’re humble folks that live on a single income. Finally got our new fridge after my wife would cry thinking she’s been a bad wife because old fridge would dry and waste food.


I am finally comfortable in my own body.


I financially struggle as an adult and got a good job 2 years ago. Now, I have a closet full of shoes and I felt like sharing.


When the scale is stuck, it’s always nice to look back on face gains! Lost 40 lbs.


I’ve been struggling with weight and finally put in that necessary 32 lbs!


I am so happy with my hair glow-up and wanted to share.


Nothing motivates me more than seeing everyone who succeeds. 134 lbs down.

My dress that now fits differently!


It’s up to us if we want to change a dream into a reality.


A progress from 2013 and 2017.


Built his first PC at 13 years old!


6 years clean today and 24 lbs gained.


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