18 Things In Japan That Seem Either Weird Or Unusual But Also Amazing

18 Things In Japan That Seem Either Weird Or Unusual But Also Amazing

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Japan the advanced country is one with a very unique characteristic – it is one filled with their own traditions and habits that set them apart from others. The people have a very complex social hierarchy, they have public facilities, the kind that you may have never seen in your life and they love cats.

And Green Lemon loves just how unique this country is, even though they can be borderline weird.

Kids left their backpacks and belongings in the waiting room because they won’t be stolen.

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These are lines drawn exactly where doors of cars stop and opens. No pushing around – everyone lines up nicely.

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Heaters are placed around playgrounds and rest areas for parents to warm up while watching the kids play.

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Meanwhile, this awesome render of cyberpunk holographic on a crosswalk by a Japanese.

Japan has vending machines for everything, including vegetables and fruits!

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Construction sites are required to monitor their noise level, making it less of a problem to live next to one.

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This is a bike for one parent and two children. Parents who don’t have cars travel in this with the older child sitting at the back and the younger at the front.

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Special handle for plastic bags that store awkward items.

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Green lines mark school zones where kids travel to school on.

ZirakJp / reddit

Taxi seats have white covers in Japan.

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Ground crews wave goodbye to departing passengers in Japan.

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This cat cafe is a romantic dating site where you can feed special cat ice creams and meet the love of your life here.

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Japanese restaurants provide special baskets to store your belongings next to your table.

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Some supermarkets provide floor maps of their goods on every cart.

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White shirts are sold 24/7.

organicbabykale1 / reddit

Japanese can sleep with their phones just laying next to them because it’s safe.

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Ticket gates here trust you.

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Only in Japan: adorable mascots with their own trains!

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