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18 Hilarious Families Who Could Easily Be The Main Plot Of A Comedy Show


18 Hilarious Families Who Could Easily Be The Main Plot Of A Comedy Show

These people are talented!

Who here has the best jokers in their family? It’s like adding salt to cooking, it’s given for a happy and amazing family to have a great sense of humor as well. It is also thanks to the close relationship you have with each other which makes it possible to crack hilarious jokes.

If you’re having a bad day, Green Lemon hopes this list of hilarious families can help brighten up your day!

1. My dad the Asian Danny Devito.

© KyronX / Reddit

3. Mom said I can’t bring home another 4-legged friend, so I listen to her. Here’s my new 3-legged friend.

© Rosegingerborn / Reddit

3. Nephew learned from the best.

© In_A_YamChele / Twitter

4. Dad took a picture of me at the Machu Picchu.

© Mr_Tom_Yabo / Reddit

5. Cracked the code with the power of Spider-Man.

© sammylynn_ / Twitter

6. Parents took a 4-year-old nephew to Disney World and were worried he’d be bored with the Princesses.

© heethark / Reddit

7. Dad when cleaning apartment: Do I want to know what this is? I’m not judging.

It’s a VR controller.

© RadiationGhoul / Twitter

8. Introvert’s heaven.

© chertovka00 / Twitter

9. I’m always getting a Christmas gag gift based on my dog. Guess what, I’m getting slippers this year.

© Lotan / Reddit

10. When you teach kids about the resignation letter:

© issaazamat / Twitter

11. Mom made a hat for her dog.

© BreannaRufina / Twitter

12. When you forgot that it’s all about annoying you for men.

© solar_circle / Twitter

13. Since parents don’t have grandkids yet, they decided to put up ‘granddogs’ on the wall instead.

© namanama101 / Reddit

14. This kid thought of a whole plot for one episode on ‘What’s Wrong With My Boy’.

© mattwalshblog / Twitter

15. I was shocked, I forgot my mom bought a buffalo.

© gfxtacy / Twitter

16. Because life likes to give lemons, right?

© Jamberee13 / Twitter

17. So, we were playing hide-and-seek.

© secret_agent_dog / Reddit

18. Left the kids alone to shower:

© Pogmaster / Twitter

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