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18 Amazing Coincidences That Will Surprise The Heck Out Of You

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18 Amazing Coincidences That Will Surprise The Heck Out Of You

How do you feel meeting someone who looks exactly like you!

Are you among those that believe in fate?  There are so many ongoing debates, mostly when it comes to belief. But hey, we’re not here to debate all about that, No. We want to show you that there are a lot of far-fetched things in life that can’t, however, be explained.

Just like these 18 coincidences that happen to be so real and you probably wouldn’t just believe them. What are the chances of meeting someone who looks exactly like you and then happens to have the same tattoo in the same place? Are they actually random or maybe it’s just the universe that’s playing a prank on us? Have a look!

#1 Are you from Ratatouille?

zombi3123 / Reddit

#2 My Uber driver looks like me with a mustache.

fuzzysalad / Reddit

#3 My missing twin sister?!

santanaa_g / Twitter

#4 Two fortune cookies in a row. Never thought it’s going to mean this literal.

mac_de_marco / Reddit

#5 My lookalike with the same tattoo on the same place.

rambro47 / Reddit

#6 A pair of socks that matches the shoes exactly.

__Salutations__ / Reddit

#7 He met a doppelganger whose only difference is height.

ajrosenwald / Reddit

#8 The resemblance is the true art.

kelly_lettieri / Instagram

#9 This guy wore the same shirt back in 1983 to what Mike wore in Stranger Things that is set in 1983.

gaia88 / Reddit

#10 We look alike, wear the same clothes, only different in colors. And that difference matches the sofa so well.

ouisa.buhagia / Instagram

#11 This man walked in and saw the bartender in the same tank top. So, they just had to go for an arm wrestle match.

thrice1187 / Reddit

#12 When you have a lover whose childhood is filled with the same TMNT obsession as yours.

EricaH121 / Reddit

#13 These cats sync in a godly way.

skepticalcity / Twitter

#14 She had to return the week after telling her friend she has a shirt with the exact same fabric pattern.

mattjh / Reddit

#15 This actually looks like a piece of art.

Baindemousse / Reddit

#16 Cat fur pattern actually matches the rug.

stardewspirit / Reddit

#17 Apparently, the sandals blend in with the escalator.

drvtru / Reddit

#18 I’m having a video call with myself… not.

sequencebio / Instagram

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