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17 Women Share Craziest Things Male Medical Professionals Have Ever Said To Them


17 Women Share Craziest Things Male Medical Professionals Have Ever Said To Them

Why are these people not fired, yet?

The ‘term’ professional doctors should have meant that they don’t discriminate against people. Whether that’s a young woman or a very skinny guy, you need to consider their words. Do patients lie? Definitely, especially when they have things they want to hide.

But really, do you think women wouldn’t be able to tell which is which when it comes to their own bodies? Or that bleeding continuously for more than a week is normal?

Delylah Henry from Texas is a 21-year-old fresh graduate in Criminal Justice.

17 Women Share Craziest Things Male Medical Professionals Have Ever Said To Them
Delylah Henry

She shared her own experience of being handled poorly by a male medical practitioner. Delylah shared on a TikTok video how she was once asked if she wasn’t just on her period when she explained she was bleeding from her rectum for a week straight and headed for the ER.

She then challenges fellow women to share ‘the craziest things’ they’ve heard male medical professionals have ever told them.

Imagine not being able to tell your own two holes apart.

17 Women Share Craziest Things Male Medical Professionals Have Ever Said To Them
Delylah Henry

Doctor blamed woman has ‘low pain tolerance’ after she threw out her back and couldn’t walk.


#stitch with @heythere_delylah I’ve been waiting for this one… But you know, women have a low pain tolerance 🙄 #baddoctor

♬ original sound – sandramaykirk

She was refused X-rays, CTE, MRI, and because she was in her late twenties, she should have been healthy and fine. She finally found an orthopedic surgeon who took her TEN YEARS LATER seriously and couldn’t believe how she manages to walk around. She could’ve avoided a major back surgery if it was cared for properly ten years ago.

You want birth control pills? Now, lose your virginity.

She was asking for the meds because her periods were 10 days long, and she was ‘going to end it all.’ It was her fourth refill when she was asked if she was sexually active. Nope, she was a virgin. He said she was lying, and she explained the pills were for her period.

His response? ‘You’re conning the system! You have a month to lose your virginity and confirm it at your next refill appointment!”

Her back pain was nerve damage, but the doctor wrote it off as ‘muscle cramps.’


#stitch with @heythere_delylah I’m still super salty about this tbh #fyp

♬ original sound – Ashmatash

She even got X-rays, but the doctor looked at them and told her they were muscle cramps. She was given muscle relaxers prescription which, of course, did not work. She was diagnosed with a herniated disc earlier this year, and MRI reveals she now has nerve damage on her back where the doctor had X-rayed on.

She has PTSD as a sex trafficking victim. Doctor singlehandedly thinks she should be fine by now without the meds.


#stitch with @heythere_delylah listen to us! #humantraffickingawareness #fyp @kpopmomma83 @mitimiss70

♬ original sound – Chellby

She was met with a pain specialist who told her that she, who just hurt her arm, does not need any meds for anxiety or depression. Nope. She should be ‘over it.’ A comment made by a man who probably does not even believe in child sex trafficking crime.

She was essentially body-shamed after a collarbone surgery.

After a severe car accident, she went through trauma surgery to piece back her very smashed collarbones. On her post-op with a trauma surgeon, she was severely body-shamed and told that her ‘fat arm looked like a ham hock.’ She was so fat it wouldn’t have mattered if her collarbone was visible. He also kept saying his dad was his husband.

‘Welp, oh well!’ – Doctor, to a woman who had a miscarriage.

She was about 8 weeks in when she started bleeding coupled with cramping. At the ER, the doctor said, “Well, there goes that baby! That jut means you get to try again.” That baby was after them trying for two years.

She just had an ectopic pregnancy. Doctor proceeds to explain it again to her.


#stitch with @heythere_delylah Definitely didn’t go back to him for further treatment. Overall my whole appointment with him was horrible.

♬ original sound – TheExDaisy

This woman survived an ectopic pregnancy by a professional surgeon in 2016 who even saved her fallopian tube. This year, an OB/GYN mansplained to her what ectopic pregnancy is with a uterus model, literally after the woman explained her pregnancy history to her.

Doctor said her ectopic pregnancy was a ‘tummy-ache.’

The woman had to argue with a doctor while experiencing excruciating pain at the ER that it was not a ‘tummy-ache’ but that her ovary hurts. Eventually, she had to enter an emergency surgery because her fallopian tube exploded due to an ectopic pregnancy.

Apparently, this doctor had religious reasons to not refill her birth control prescription.

The doctor refused her to get her birth control pills refilled because it was against his religion. But great news, folks: he got fired.

Woman: has depression and attempted suicide. Doctor: that’s your teenage hormones and your skin is bad.


#stitch with @heythere_delylah in other words,,, kam 🥰

♬ original sound – $wag

She was about to meet her usual doctor to talk about her new antidepressant that was not working. But he wasn’t around, and instead, a 50-year-old man walked in. He dismissed her depression and told her it was probably ‘teenage hormones’ and ‘exercise.’

Two days later, she ended up in the hospital from an attempt, talked to doctors, and one of them asked her, “You’re not taking acne medicine? you know you can see a doctor for that, right?”

She was not just body shamed, but also told to chew her food and spit them out to lose weight.


#stitch with @heythere_delylah gotta love doctors #doctors #fat #fatbody #plussize #medicine #biggirl

♬ original sound – Operantics

This woman went to the gynecologist for a checkup when her doctor commented on her increasing weight. Then he told her to ‘chew your food, but don’t swallow it’ because they wanted to see her lose a few pounds on her next visit.

The doctor made a pass on her while she was giving birth (literally pushing the baby out): “Do you workout? Because you’re really tight.”

This doctor cannot relate why women find ovarian cysts are painful because ‘it’s just sitting on your ovary.’


#stitch with @heythere_delylah Apparently ovarian cysts shouldn’t be painful 💁🏻‍♀️ #MakeItMagical #stitch #fyp #doctorsoftiktok #bigirl #lgbt🏳️‍🌈

♬ original sound – Ash Tyrrell

She was having a ‘period’ for 70 DAYS. Doctor’s solution was to lose weight.


#stitch with @heythere_delylah Emergency hysterectomy 6 months later.

♬ original sound – Jennifer Lewis

No, it is NOT normal to have a ‘period’ for more than 10 days. It is also not normal to not have a period for more than 35 days. Please check it out with your OB/GYN or a medical professional because it could be serious.

This woman’s uterus prolapsed, and her doctor’s solution was for her to lose weight. She was literally dying because of endometriosis and her organ falling out. She had to push her blood through the drain when showering; that was how bad it was.

The doctor told her to go home from the ER for the 2nd time that week. Then she was later called back in because she has a brain tumor.


#stitch with @heythere_delylah Getting brain surgery monday, hot girl shit. Rest of the story is on my profile 🙂 #braintumor #anxiety #surgery

♬ original sound – Delaney Scott

She had an ovarian cyst and internal bleeding from that; doctor told her it was just period pain.


#stitch with @heythere_delylah thank u to my mom for her mother’s intuition or id not be here rn 🥰 #doctorsoftiktok #justgirlythings

♬ original sound – trashfire42069

Nothing scarier than getting a misdiagnosis that gives you a false sense of security. When she was still in junior high school, she couldn’t walk or even talk because of the cramps she was having. At the ER, the doctor told her it’s period pain without giving her any test. It appears she had an ovarian cyst that popped, causing internal bleeding, and she was going into sepsis. The scar is severe enough that she can’t have kids.

She knew it wasn’t yeast because she’s had a lot of that. Doctor insisted she had yeast infection and gonorrhea.

Well, the doctor pouted when she requested a pelvic exam and lab work. He said, “I don’t know what that’s gonna show.” So she told her, “It’ll show us what I have.”

He confidently said, “I’m telling you what you have!”

No, she didn’t have yeast or gonorrhea, and he was about to start her on those meds if she hadn’t insisted on lab work.

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