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17 Stories From People Who Somehow Slipped Into A Twilight Zone


17 Stories From People Who Somehow Slipped Into A Twilight Zone

So scary, yet, so mysterious.

Have you ever felt like reality distorted for a brief moment, and all kinds of physics law just don’t apply anymore? Your sense of logic is challenged as it keeps screaming something is wrong, but you just can’t pinpoint it. It’s more than just a feeling of déjà vu.

Incidents, stories, and events that cannot be explained by logic, here are those seemingly stories that only happen in fictional movies.

17 Stories From People Who Somehow Slipped Into A Twilight Zone

Outplayed in front of my daughter.

17 Stories From People Who Somehow Slipped Into A Twilight Zone

He thinks we both died.

17 Stories From People Who Somehow Slipped Into A Twilight Zone

A sweet old lady vanished after saving me.

17 Stories From People Who Somehow Slipped Into A Twilight Zone

I saw my son before he even existed.

“So, this happened about seven or eight years ago. My husband and I were laying in bed one night, watching television. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a child in the doorway of our bedroom. Thinking it was our only child at the time, I tapped my hubby and said “Hey, shhh look, but I think Connor is going to try to scare us! He turns and looks and this child walked into our room. I can’t explain it, bc it was one of those moments that seemed … somehow different. We watched in silence, soon realizing that this child was NOT our son. He toddles in, head slightly tilted back, curls bouncing and diaper squish squishing as he goes to the end of our bed.. we see his head go down (like he was crouching) and when we got up to look- he was gone. I looked at Chris (my husband) and said “ Did we just see a ghost?!” Then, almost as an afterthought, I said “well, we know if we have another baby, and he has curls, that he was here before he was born.” We both laugh, bc We were not trying for another baby at the time. Fascinated, we go to check on our son, and he was fast asleep. A few months later… I’m pregnant. (Surprise!) So fast forward and our new baby, Liam, is two. He toddles in the room, head titled slightly back and curls bouncing, and it hit me like a bucket of ice water.. holy crap, this is the baby that came to visit us! I mean, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind.. now, on top of that, whenever Liam is staying the night elsewhere (like with my parents) he comes to visit me in my sleep .. for example- one time he came and just smiled at me while I was taking a nap… He was in a little red shirt, and his hair was cut short (he left with it long) the next day I go to pick the kiddos up from mom, and lo and behold- his hair is freshly shorn and he is wearing a little red shirt. I asked my mom “did he wear this yesterday?” And she replies “oh, yeah he did, but he insisted on wearing it today, so he is..”. So, I look at him and say “did you go see momma yesterday in mommas dreams” he just looked at me (he was four) all big blue eyes and serious, and nodded his head.” VenusValkyrieJH

A real glitch in reality I couldn’t comprehend.

“So this event happened on October 7th, 2019 at 5:46 PM and I’ll briefly try to describe it. I was on my way to running some errands, riding in my car while on the phone with this friend. I remember the weather being super weird, cloudy but hot – I don’t really know how to describe it but it felt like the air had some kind of heaviness to it. While I was talking to her she said a few sentences to which I replied in agreement. Suddenly she starts saying the same exact sentences she just said 30 seconds earlier, only in a different tone and pace. It really sounded like she was repeating herself and not like the actual voice glitched and repeated (which is what made it even creepier). So at this point everything became fuzzy and weird, almost as if I lost sense of time, in the meantime I heard my messages ringtone going off a few times through the earpiece but I decided to check them out later on. So I go on and tell her I’m pretty sure that she already said to me all of those things, and the most unsettling thing is that her voice would stop whenever I tried telling her as if she was actually listening, but would continue on as soon as I’d go silent, without saying anything regarding the fact she was repeating herself over and over. It was like talking to someone who was purposely trying not to answer, it felt incredibly odd, especially considering each sentence was slightly different than the previous one but the meaning kept on being the same. That’s when I lost her completely – the line gets cut off and I go check the messages I received earlier, turns out they were actually from her, two of them were missed calls and the last one said I should call her back as soon as I could. I was still actively talking to her while at the same time she was asking me to call her back. Definitely one of the most bizarre things that have ever happened to me.” searchlight01

My little sister with Down Syndrome talks to the dead and knows things.

“I’ve been lurking and commenting on this sub for a while, and always wanted to post this, but was always too nervous to. Since reading a recent post by u/saltybugler I’ve decided I should share my stories about my little sister. We’ll call her Diana here, for safety reasons…

A bit of backstory:

My little sister has Down’s Syndrome. If you’re not aware of what DS is, here is some info on it.

From my understanding of DS, many people with it are on the Autistic spectrum. My sister is considered high-functioning Autistic as well as having DS.

Ok, here are the stories:

Our mom had tons of difficulties with her pregnancy with Diana, and had multiple strange occurrences while she was pregnant with her. The main one being that, at around 6 months along in the pregnancy, our mom walked into her bathroom to find the box holding her wedding dress on the floor. That box had been in the attic since we had moved into that house. No one in the house knew how it got there. Mom starting having contractions just after that incident, and started bleeding. Dad took her to the ER, and after a day of her being in intensive care and having multiple tests done, my parents discovered that Diana has DS.

After mom gets out of the hospital, she’s sits me and my older sisters down to talk to us about this, telling us that Diana will have an “abnormality” (her words), and explains to us that she will be different than “normal” kids. I remember very clearly that everyone but me was crying. I remember saying something along the lines of “but none of us are normal“. Mind you, I was 12 and for sure my family is not very normal.

Fast forward:

Diana is born premature (I believe she was born at 7 months, but could be off a bit), has a ton of medical issues and has to have surgery immediately after being born. She was in NICU for the first two months of her life.

We finally get to bring her home after she recovers. She was the tiniest little thing.

By the time Diana was about 6 months old, my parents started doing physical and speech therapy with her, because she wasn’t developing the way a “normal” baby would have been by that age, I guess.

I remember we were learning sign language with her until she was about 2 yrs because my mom was afraid she wouldn’t be verbal. Mom couldn’t have been more wrong! Diana started babbling by about 8 months, and she’d always just lay flat on her back and “talk” to the ceiling, and just giggle like someone was playing with her. Mom always joked that Diana was “talking to angels”.

Fast forward again to when Diana is about 3 or 4 years old:

My mom, Diana, and I are at a little Christmas party at a place for physically and mentally disabled people, where Diana took classes and the rest of us volunteered. The three of us are sitting in these pews waiting for Santa Claus to come on stage, so all the kids can go have their photo taken with him. Out of nowhere, Diana stands up and runs away from my mom and me, into the crowd. We chase her, and she runs straight toward this older woman we had never met. Diana grabs the woman’s leg and starts bawling. My mom and I are apologizing to the woman, saying we don’t know what got into her. The woman looks down at Diana and asks her what’s wrong..this is where it gets weird.

Diana tells her, word for word, in the clearest way I had heard her speak: “I’m so sorry that your mommy left you”

The woman starts tearing up, and tells us that her mother had passed away a couple nights prior after a long battle with cancer.

The second time Diana freaked us out:

I was visiting with my mom and Diana when she was about 10. Diana starts telling me how she talks to grandpa all the time (he passed away when she was about 5) and starts telling me that she met grandpa’s wife. Grandpa’s wife (our step-grandmother) was still alive at this point, and that’s the only grandma Diana ever knew, so I tell her “of course you’ve met grandma”..she corrects me and says “no, mommy’s mommy”. My mom and I both froze. Our mom’s mom passed away when our mom was pregnant with my older sister, meaning none of us had ever met her.

So our mom starts asking Diana questions about grandma..she asks “what color was my mommy’s hair?”, and Diana responds “yellow, but not real”; mom goes on to explain to me that grandma wore wigs because she had been balding after years of battling anorexia, and she’s always wearing big blonde wigs. So, mom asks Diana, “do you know grandma’s name?”..she says “Jeannie”, which was in fact our grandmother’s name. Diana had never heard about Jeannie..(it’s a very sore subject to bring up around our mom, so none of us really know much about her.)

There have been so many other instances of her just knowing when I was in a very abusive relationship – that none of my family knew about – and she once called me in the middle of the night, crying hysterically that I needed to leave my house and “come home”..after that phone call, my fiancé came home drunk and beat the living shit out of me. I left him after that and honestly can’t say I would have had the strength to leave had it not been for that call from my little sister.

Even to this day, she says she’s talking to grandma, grandpa, and other people who have passed away.” meta_metalhead

I may have saved my dad decades ago.

“I recently posted about me disappearing into thin air when I was sleeping and my family couldn’t find me and when I woke they swore up and down that they have searched all over for me but weren’t able to find me.

This is not an update but something that just happened yesterday. Three days ago I was having a conversation with my father and he was telling me about his university life. Basically, my dad came from nothing, he had a very difficult upbringing and went to the worst school and high school in our city. When it was time for him to join university, my grandfather passed away leaving my dad to take care of the rest of the family as he was the oldest son. He took a wrong major because of the wrong advice of the people and how he regrets that to this day. The courses were taught in English which is a second language for us and how he didn’t even know the language. My dad told me that it was the darkest times in his life and he just wanted to run away and was even thinking of taking his own life. Now very recently he got his masters in English literature and he was telling me that he didn’t think it would be ever possible for him. My dad just recently finished this degree at an age of 55.

The next morning my dad had to drive to this town because his distant relatives live there and they are struggling financially, my dad is very a kind soul and he wanted to help them. The town is 3 hours drive away. He usually takes public transport but didn’t because of the recent crisis. He drove there and my mom was worried so we decided we will keep calling him after every hour to check. Well, I decided to call him, now keep in mind because it’s highway network signals get very weak. He told me to wait and parked at a nearby restaurant it was like a checkpoint for trucks. I don’t know what came over me but I started crying and went on to tell him how proud I was of him, I just babbled and kept saying that he shouldn’t think he is lacking because he is not. He was an amazing father and a great person to look up to.

You guys my dad started crying he told me that he will talk to me when he returns. Well, he returned and he just hugged me and was telling me how 30 years ago he was visiting the same town and it was the time when he was at his lowest. He was visiting the same relatives and he was on a bus which stopped at a petrol station. He called his mother and when he picked the phone without even dialing he heard my voice. It was me telling him the exact same thing which I just said yesterday. He said that he didn’t even call my grandmother, he just stood there and cried. It gave him the strength to keep fighting. He said he just now realized it was me whose voice he heard.

My parents are now taking this as a sign from God who helped my dad when he thought no one was there for him.” iselenaii

I had a girlfriend I don’t remember.

“I don’t know if it is suitable for this sub but still here it is.

The year was 2011.i was in med school while my brother joined engineering college in same brother is 3 years younger to me.

One day i asked him to come to my hostel as it was his free day from college.(he used to come in his free day as he missed family )

We were chatting and having foods while he suddenly asked me about a girl.


Bro- do you remember nisha(altered name for obvious reason)?


Bro-it seems like you have forgotten her.good for you.

Me(visibily confused)-which nisha you are talking about?

Bro(still playing)- don’t try so hard know exactly about whom i am taking about. Leave it if that’s still hurting you.i shouldn’t have bring her up.

Me(thinking that he is pulling my leg,i started to play along)- yeah i remember.i forgot was bitter.i am not in touch with her.

Bro-it is not like that you can be in touch with her anyway..

Me(trying to play along)- yeah.she is probably married by now.

Bro(visibly confused)- now what nisha are you talking about???

Me-exactly the nisha you are talking about..

Bro-leave it then..


After 30 or so minutes after lunch is over

Bro-do you really not remember her?nisha?

Me(tired of this game,agitated)- bro stop this game it’s not funny anymore.i am tired of this stupid game.

Bro-what game ?

Me-i don’t really know nisha.who is she?

Bro-forget it.

And he left for the day…

I asked mom after few days about nisha.she was distraught when i asked about her.after few mon she told me that she was my gf while i was in school.she was my brothers best friend. she died in a car accident few years back.

I was dumbfounded.i don’t even recall her name,face,memory .nothing..

Her memory is totally wiped out from me.

I was disturbed and went back to home where mom showed me a pic where i was with a girl and my brother.i don’t even remember the girl.

In some cases of ptsd selective amnesia happens.but that repressed memory can be triggered by related memory.but in this case i didn’t even recall her.i was agitated because i don’t remember her.

Till this day I don’t recall anything.according to family, we were close. I didn’t try to ask her family or any other people because it seems insensitive..” Stubbornmortal

We both lost our brother who played ‘Song 2’ in the Jeep.

17 Stories From People Who Somehow Slipped Into A Twilight Zone

I was gone for an entire afternoon when I was 16.

“I stumbled across this sub today and I immediately thought of a story that my family and friends still talk about.

This happened in 2009, when I was 16 years old. It was the first weekend of summer, and nobody was home when I woke up at around 11am. I grabbed a snack and went down to the basement to watch TV. I had plans to hang out with a friend at 3pm that day. Like I said before, I started watching TV at around 11, knowing I had 4 hours before I was supposed to head over to my friends house.

I had only been watching TV for about 30 minutes when my mom came down the stairs asking me where I’d been all day. I said what are you talking about, I’ve been awake for less than an hour? I look at my watch and see that it’s well past 5 in the afternoon. I run upstairs and check my phone to see that I have several missed calls from my friend and my mom.

My mom’s side of the story is what makes me nauseous when I think about this, even to this day. She was with my little brother at his baseball game from 1-3 that day. She and my brother WERE home when I “supposedly” woke up and went down to the basement, but neither of them have any memory of even seeing me that morning. When my mom got home at around 3, she checked the entire house for me, including the basement where I had been sitting on the couch watching TV.

It’s been 10 years and I still have no idea what happened on that day. It is by far the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to me, and although I talk about it with my family like it’s a funny little thing that happened, it genuinely chills me to my bones thinking about it.” LegitimatePick3

Dad got a call from mom. She died 13 years ago.

“My mom died 13 years ago. About four years ago my dad was on vacation in Arizona with his girlfriend. He said he was up watching TV and the hotel phone rang. He answered it and said it was my mom’s voice saying “I’m ok” he said he said “Cass?” And he said the phone was crackly and said tell HEATHER (me) I am ok” he said his girlfriend was confused about why the phone ring. He immediately called me even though it was late and he was crying. My dad doesn’t believe in the supernatural but still to this day can’t explain that call.” Infinitechemistry88

I’m missing a kid!

17 Stories From People Who Somehow Slipped Into A Twilight Zone

My husband went in… but actually didn’t.

17 Stories From People Who Somehow Slipped Into A Twilight Zone

I started crying as I looped on the same street.

“A couple of months ago, I was driving to a doctor’s appointment for my annual physical. I’ve driven to this same office multiple times. I’ve had the same doctor for years. It’s about 10 minutes from my house and the route is just a simple rural/suburban 2 lane road the whole way there. It’s on the corner of the 2 lane road and a busy 6 lane street. I left 20 minutes before the appointment so I could check-in. Since I’ve gone this route so many times, I’m kinda on autopilot and it took me a while to realize that it was taking longer than expected to get there, but I’m not sure why. I’m thinking it should be about 3 more stoplights and I should be there in a few minutes. I keep an eye for the school that indicates the office is up ahead. but then as I’m driving I count 4 stoplights, then 5, then 6, then 7. I’m disoriented and all the houses look the same. I think maybe I passed the office, but that doesn’t make sense because it’s on a busy 6 lane road. I would have noticed. I keep driving. I’m almost in tears because I realize I’m going to be late and I don’t know why. The route is literally the same road the whole way there. I haven’t made any turns. How can I be lost? I’m so confused. The area looks familiar but I feel like I’m driving past the same houses and the same stoplights over and over again. I haven’t seen the school on my right that indicates the office is coming up. Finally, I pull over into a church parking lot and pull up a map on my phone. I feel ridiculous need to use the map. But the map indicates I’m on the right street. It says I haven’t passed the office. The office is just up the road. This doesn’t make any sense because I haven’t seen the school or the huge 6 lane road yet. And I’ve been driving 20 minutes. There was no traffic. The roads are empty. I literally haven’t seen a single car for miles. I pull out of the church parking lot and the school is literally right next to the church and the bust 6 lane road is right there beyond the school. It was not there when I pulled into the church parking lot. I would have seen it.” adhdandwingingit

We were both warped to a parallel dimension.

17 Stories From People Who Somehow Slipped Into A Twilight Zone

I knew where the scissors are.

17 Stories From People Who Somehow Slipped Into A Twilight Zone

Whose dog was that?

17 Stories From People Who Somehow Slipped Into A Twilight Zone

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