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16 Hilarious Tweets By Women With Sense Of Humor Better Than Any Man


16 Hilarious Tweets By Women With Sense Of Humor Better Than Any Man

It’s been 3 months, 10 days into 2020 and we’ve seen many crazy things.

From the Covid-19 outbreak to same ‘ol jokes with wrong numbers. As years go by, we’re seeing more women with a hidden talent for witty and hilarious tweets appear. And we’re just glad about that because who else still think men are the only funny creatures on earth?

Here are 16 of the most hilarious tweets to ever existed since 2020 by women began and you’re about to fall off your chair, so watch out!

1. So she got a wrong number’s text.

Twitter: @chloeeexo14

2. She made a movie trailer out of her parent’s divorce. She now majors in filming.

3. Men think we’re irrational? Think again.


4. She is not invited!


5. There’s the novel coronavirus and then there’s this man.


6. And then, on Kanye’s lyrics.


7. On noticing this real gear switch up.

8. Well, they do resemble each other.


9. It’s finally time!


10. Did he just- What-

11. On waking up hidden desires.


12. When they got the better common sense.


13. When you realize the 2-hour conversation meant nothing.


14. Also, very attentive to details.


15. Women can be resourceful, too.


16. They’re also jealous creatures.

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