15 People Showing Off Their Stunning Thrifted Fashion Hauls

15 People Showing Off Their Stunning Thrifted Fashion Hauls

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Fashion can be really expensive, but there is a solution that you should absolutely try. It is within your budget, gives you a lot of variety down to even options that you can’t find anywhere else. Yep, that’s thrifting! Fashion thrifting is super fun and incredibly affordable. Heck, ladies are even thrifting their wedding dresses, and nobody could tell!

This fashion hauls from the thrift stores are to die for. They just had to show off their hauls on the “Thrift Store Hauls” subreddit, and we’re absolutely jealous.

“The wedding dress of my dreams (and in my size) for $40 at Goodwill.”


“Calvin Klein slim fit suit and John Varvatos shoes for $16.00!”


“Been thrifting for years, but this has got to be my favorite sweater yet!”


“Thrifted this 1960s honeymoon set back in February for $10 (nightgown and dressing robe).”


“In love with these gold earrings!”


“My thrifted prom dress for $2.50! I also got my jewelry and tiara thrifted, full prom set for $7. Tiara for $2.50 and bracelet for $1.98.”


“A few weeks ago I posted a dress I found at my local shop. Went back on Sunday and found the exact style dress in this gorgeous print! Someone nearby must be doing some excellent spring cleaning.”


“Beaded dress from Goodwill! $4.”


“Found this vintage coach for 12.99! It’s in great condition.”


“I’m so excited about my Pride month finds!”


“A pair of mushroom earrings I found for £2!”


“In love with this dress I thrifted. Does it look better cropped?”


“The thrift gods were once again gracious to me, I got that suit jacket several months ago and just yesterday found the matching pants at Goodwill!”


“Convinced this $6 top was meant to be paired with these $5 pants.”


“Made monochrome outfits this week! Everything pictured is thrifted!”