15 Hilariously Awkward Moments People Have Gotten Themselves Into

15 Hilariously Awkward Moments People Have Gotten Themselves Into

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How do you ever get back up from an embarrassing moment? Because forgetting them is close to impossible for the rest of your life. There will be nights when you want to fall asleep and have sweet dreams but end up blushing and crawling under the blanket because of ‘that’ moment.

These people felt the same way, but sharing these stories on Twitter helped lessened that embarrassing feeling. We’ve made honest mistakes before, often because we were trying to be positive and nice, to be responded with a completely somber explanation. Some others were in a hurry and got involved with seemingly socially awkward people who didn’t know how to explain themselves.

When you’re paranoid on a flight.


Glass shards on my muffin.


She crashed a wedding party.


A beautiful cake for her son.


A professor answered why people seem to remember cringe moments so vividly from time to time. These ‘cringe attacks’ come because these memories are given way more attention than we want to, explained Jennifer Wild from the University of Oxford. When they get more attention, they start to make us feel more self-conscious, reinforcing the feelings we had then, and the loop continues.

Best party ever!


Who died?!




So did you pay him?


Ah… so this is me.


What are the top three most embarrassing things to forget, according to Americans? Cognium Focus held a survey through OnePoll on 2,000 Americans, and the results were pretty surprising. The first is to forget people’s names, which represents 32% of the participants. Following that was forgetting their partner’s birthday, and in the third place is to forget their wedding anniversary.

The cheese tasted weird.


What are you hoping for?


Your dad looks adorable with you!


A certain man’s complaints about avocadoes.


A crisis.


But hey, good news: when you put those memories into perspective, our own brain is very biased towards ourselves. We tend to narrow down on the worst part of that moment. Dr. Wild suggested that you rewind that memory not just on the worst part but also on the fun parts. What happened that day? It was fun when you hang out with friends, right?

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