15 Geniusly Creative Ideas That Truly Deserve An Award

15 Geniusly Creative Ideas That Truly Deserve An Award

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These don’t seem to be much, but for those who have felt the pain of finding the right bolt size for the right spot while assembling furniture from IKEA knows the pain. You have to repeatedly tell yourself why you’re not a carpenter and ask why life is throwing you such a complicated lemonade.

If only these designs can be implemented everywhere else around the world. In fact, make them the international standard that will certainly make our lives 100x easier and better.

This furniture comes with the assembling tools split in steps!


The shadow on the italic prints looks straight.


This is a revolving refrigerator, so you can always reach deep into the levels!


This book has hexagonal graphs printed for organic chemistry.


This shop makes clothes by recycling plastic water bottles.


Mom painted this outlet to match the rocks.


Grandparents has a clock that runs on a one-week scale, a retirement clock.


This keypad always randomizes the number placement, so stalkers can’t find out your password.


The door of the bathroom doubles as the toilet’s door in this hotel.


When it rains, you can see the logo on my umbrella, a cute penguin!


You can push the backrest to either way, so you can sit and face either the sea or the park!


The ceiling fans in this room runs on a single motor, saves energy!


This spatula comes with a stand, so you can rest it without having to let it touch the counter.


There are skateboard racks in front of the office for kids to park during school.


A worker in my factor comes in with a cowboy hat. It’s actually a hard hat.