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14 Hilarious Pics Prove That Girls Never Really Grew Up


14 Hilarious Pics Prove That Girls Never Really Grew Up

Girls will be girls no matter what!

Women in the 21st century look and act so different to back in the days. They are allowed more freedom to be themselves and do whatever their heart wishes. Some women choose to focus on careers and many do not commit until much later in life.

But We know that every woman, deep down, is still a girl who wishes to meet their favorite princess and prefer to wear pink. Or every other color from the rainbow that they wish, too.

She’s living the life already.

IcyGuidance / reddit

Spent more than necessary on this high-tech gaming computer, but wife plays Minecraft in windowed mode.

CivilizedPsycho / reddit

Policewoman on duty with pink handcuffs.

dorrisx / reddit

Built girlfriend a mirror.

ScurvyDoctor / reddit

Left Bruno with sister-in-law while on vacation. Turns out he’s having a much better time right here.

dentista82 / reddit

Mom met a friend and stopped for a chat. Dog was already having enough.

Bubugaga / pikabu

Washed her hair but the hairdryer is broken.

arthik / pikabu

Girlfriend asked for a bite and this is where she bite.

thethreadkiller / reddit

A very nice car.

Hellrider91 / pikabu

Dog splashes water around when it drinks, so girlfriend made a small garden around it.

kuchka70 / pikabu

Girlfriend started showering here and weird mold is growing.

steadly / reddit

Came to a shared apartment with 4 girls inside.

Dansky / imgur

Well, that’s one way to stay dry.

komarexalex / pikabu

Mom had always wanted to see Snow White, her favorite princess since a child. She retired and visited Disney for the first time ever.

Paelidore / reddit

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