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13 Hilarious Times People Kept It Pretty Simple


13 Hilarious Times People Kept It Pretty Simple

Fairly accurate, but hilarious!

Living the desired life can be sometimes challenging and complicating, most especially when trying to learn and engage in a bunch of things in school and even after graduating.

Specifically, numerous subjects to pay attention to as well as little concern to do it with!

Fortunately for these children, they expressed no fear, approached some subjects in a really simple way and indeed kept it together.

Find out if their action paid off!

#1 ‘It like their names really fit them well

reddit | Humpty-Numpty

#2 ‘Exactly, this kid isn’t wrong.

reddit | EddieLomax

#3 ‘How would he know?

reddit | nayiro

#4 ‘Dogs are better than some individuals, so this is what I am expecting’

reddit | QueriousGeorge

#5 ‘The man with a simple routine’

reddit | GlobindobinButler

#6 ‘Most times, violence is the key’

reddit | Justindew

#7 ‘Just draw one, apparently’

reddit | ToiletCrash

#8 ‘The sympathetic point. How nice?

Imgur | VascularD

#9 ‘Very near to the point’

Imgur | Bierrr

#10 ‘At least, he knows this about himself’

reddit | Ryankees07

#11 ‘How else can an airplane work best?

reddit | footfall

#12 ‘Both answers appear to be accurate!

reddit | carldewitt

#13 ‘I guess she didn’t see this coming!

reddit | Nhjufy

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