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13 Reasons Why Some People Prefer To Not Have Birthday Celebrations


13 Reasons Why Some People Prefer To Not Have Birthday Celebrations

A lot of us just want to respected especially because it’s our birthday.

We tend to treat birthdays as huge celebrations, a day that is special for us. As children, a lot of us love going to birthday parties or having one, gifting presents and opening some. It’s a happy occasion, one where people give you best wishes in life.

But as we get older, some of us figured out we have social anxiety and don’t appreciate being the center of attention. Some of us just want to celebrate our special day in peace. It’s not that we’re not grateful for your best wishes, but sometimes, we want a more meaningful celebration with our closed ones.

A lot of us are just normal in a different way.


Honestly, mood.


Some of us just want to stay safe?

Social anxiety aggravated with video messages.


We just want to avoid the center of attention.


The alarm reminded me. Only the alarm.


When you feel like crap, celebrating is not what you do.


A partner that loves me for who I am?


The same confused face we all wear.

A lot of us just have these traumatic experiences.


We want to do whatever we want and it’s sometimes just a dessert with Netflix.

Yes, really weird.


You’re not that important.


And some of us just hate the pranks.


Um, no. It’s my day and people who love me knows me.


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