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12 People Who Hilariously Disclosed Reality Of ‘Perfect’ Social Media Pics


12 People Who Hilariously Disclosed Reality Of ‘Perfect’ Social Media Pics

Believing everything on the internet is never a good idea!

A lot of social media users most of the times sugarcoat their lifestyle, body figure and even belongings. And the best social media platform, where all of the aforementioned and more takes place on Instagram.

Users of Instagram use the platform as a perfect place to portray what they are not in the real world. While it’s a world where successful and happy people shares their achievement without faking it, some have, however, tend to be highly fake via the platform – I am talking about colorful trips, boasts of edited perfect bodies as well as fake shoppings.

We’ve discovered some behind-the-scenes pictures of some very adorable photos from Social media, but it turned out to warn that everything seen on the internet should not be believed.

#1 The Highly Fashionable Breakfast!


#2 Meet The King Of The Road

matpot / reddit  

#3 The Right Angle?

#4 The Popular Festival On Instagram Vs The Popular Festival In Real World


#5 Supporting One Another Is The Main Hero

#6 A Dog Is Too Perfect To Spoil A Snap

#7 An Addition Of Brightness

Jellybean26 / reddit  

#8 When Summer Begins, We See It All On The Alternative Instagram Account

#9 The Process Of Looking Good Ends Up Finishes The Same Way

#10 The Unicorns Can Be Insidious

#11 Guess Everyone Is In Need Of A Photo In A Lavender Field

#12 Aboard On A Private Jet

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