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12 Hilarious And Worst TikTok Trends That Defined 2021


12 Hilarious And Worst TikTok Trends That Defined 2021

From lethal trends to life-changing educative vids.

By now, it’s not rare to hear from someone you know how they absolutely won’t touch TikTok. Despite that, they’re still bound to hear about a dangerous thing or two from the China-origin video sharing platform. The app has successfully surpassed many sites when it comes to popularity.

But whether it was in a good or bad way is yet to know. The primary users of the platform are children aged 10 to 19. It’s clear that with many youngsters flocking the app, there are bound to be weird and even foolish trends born from underdeveloped brains that are mainly governed by impulses.

But we’ll start from the good side.



Quality content doesn’t have to be informative or insane. They can also be creative, like the Goblincore trend. From makeup artists to folklore manias, the trend is such a breath of fresh air, a better alternative to those who are just tired from the boring human life.

Those who hop on the trending love showing off their pointy elven hair adopt a vegan, elven lifestyle to performing fantastical musicals by playing the Ocarina.

The Milk Crate Challenge

There are many painful TikTok challenges, but at least this one hasn’t got anyone killed. The challenge sees people attempt to transverse through complicated stacked crates just for the sake of it. Rumors have it that Kenneth Waddell was the first person who started the challenge on Facebook.

People generally laughed if they were not wincing in pain after failing to scale the crates. And like many other challenges, the medical community warned against it, with TikTok announcing they’re removing milk crate challenge videos.

The Great Resignation

I quit my job tag is among the most favorite part of many on TikTok. People are getting more motivated to leave workplaces that don’t respect and treat them right. Instead of forcing themselves to stay out of fear of uncertainty and risk their mental health, they just hopped out of that toxic hole.

The Dry Scooping challenge


There is a reason why those protein powders must be consumed by mixing with water! A TikTok star was driven to the ICU after experiencing an NSTEMI heart attack. It was all because she ate her protein powder without water.

The Blackout Challenge

Tawainna Anderson

This is a hold-your-breath contest that goes viral among children without adults’ supervision. What seems like a fun way to pass the time with your siblings at the pool turns into a tragedy when 10-year-old Nyla Anderson is found dead in her home. It is also banned content on TikTok right now.

The Strippers of TikTok

Sky Hopscotch

Hey, if it’s an honest job, there’s nothing to be ashamed of! When given a chance, people can see sex workers and strippers are humans too. They can be good parents like everyone else, and they often clear up misconceptions surrounding the occupation.


People, especially young girls, have been exerting tic-like syndromes for spending way too much time on TikTok. They were copying popular influencers with Tourette syndrome or are experiencing stress.

The Bathroom Challenge/Slap A Teacher Challenge

“Kids these days…” is a phrase that really best describes this trend. While they go with several different names, the essence is similar. Students are encouraged to try to steal, damage, or break school properties, which are typically aimed at the toilets.

It escalated when Larrianna Jackson, 16, was arrested and charged with a felony for hitting his 64-year-old wheelchair-bound English teacher.

It began with a trend of sexually assaulting educators by slapping their teachers.

The Shoot Up Your School Challenge

Rumors spread on December 17 that a mass shooting had been scheduled on that day. While it remained as only a rumor, schools raised their security on that day and warned parents and students. The source of the news was deemed “not credible.”

The Watermelon Mustard Challenge


Some things aren’t meant to be eaten together. One of that combo is the watermelon with French’s mustard. Lizzo disapproves of the weird TikTok trend.

The Magnet Challenge

Ellis Trip

If you still remember, these magnets are fake tongue piercing. Yes, anyone who heard can immediately imagine the choking hazards these things pose. Ellis Tripp, an 11-year-old boy who lost several inches of his colon, was the fifth in the hospital he was admitted in for the same case.

Another even more severe case in the UK, a 9-year-old lost his appendix, small intestine, and part of his large intestine after he accidentally swallowed six magnets.

The Doctors of TikTok

Anthony Youn

On the health side of TikTok, however, many professionals have turned the platform into a place to disseminate helpful information in bite-size servings. For example, Dr. Anthony Youn reveals the health risks of breast implants which go viral and leverage his position. Now he talks about anything from implants durability by biting them to the danger of sleeping without clothes.

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